Yippee! A power outage!

Windy, power out, 1258 properties affected, its dark!

2 LC40
1 LC90
1 LC130, all of them on their ends pointing up to light the whole rooms.
Three Powercore Fusion kept by bed to recharge mobiles overnight, which cannot be forgot to recharge as they are the bedside chargers.
Powercore 26800, Slim 5000, Powercore+ Mini x3, Powercore 10000.

Only thing non-Anker is the 1300VA UPS on the Internet things and the 400VA operating the bedroom light, and a 21W USB solar panel to recharge the LC90 and LC130 during the daylight, if this were (unlikely) a long power outage.

Go on… do your worse!


Well it looks like your prepared and set for almost anything…:laughing:

Like Anker much? LOL!!! Pretty soon, you’ll need more electronics to power up. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

That’s awesome! I hope it wasn’t out for too long (although, it looks like you’re well prepared regardless).