Yet Another Bolder LC40 Review

Today I present to the community my review of the Bolder LC40, a tough rechargeable flashlight.

I have had the flashlight for about a month now and have found it very handy to have around and this is exactly why I purchased it because I needed something small (check), bright (check), and tough (check). I will add that the clip is perfect for the smaller size and it clips securely into a pant or shirt pocket unless you are hanging upside down and moving around it should not fall out.

As per usual I will focus on areas that could be improved because it performs as advertised almost entirely.

The strobe is absolutely ridiculous, the only use I could think of for the strobe is a low budget rave or annoying friends. The problem is that the frequency is way too high and becomes an annoyance more than a function. The strobe should be similar to the hazards on a car maybe a little faster.

In regards to the strobe it would be nice to see both the strobe and the SOS modes on a separate button so that when you are cycling through the modes you aren’t greeted with a headache inducing strobe when you just want a brighter light. This would be difficult to do with the limited real estate on such a small device.

A feature that I believe should be added would be a red light mode. This would be great for the targeted activities of hiking or camping, in the dark even the lowest setting seems harsh on the eyes and a red light would greatly reduce that strain.

One of my biggest problems is the shape, you set it down shining on a specific subject and it rolls over. Don’t get me wrong it fits great in the hand and pocket but it needs a flat edge to keep it from rolling around. The clip helps in some situations but it can still roll the other way if you rest it on it’s clip.

Overall, I highly recommend it to inspectors, campers, hikers, or those who just like to be prepared.


Some of suggestions are valuable!

But I’m curious to know how many people really need a red light mode?:sunglasses:

Red light or even a blue light allows you to see better in the dark. And doesn’t ruin your natural night vision. My everyday carry flashlight has both a blue and red filter, for this reason alone is why it’s my edc


It helps your eyes adjust better also.


I’d definitely love a red light flashlight because I do some (amateur) stargazing. Reading papers and other stuff at night with a bright flashlight can completely ruin night vision- red light doesn’t do that.

Although a red flashlight might not appeal to everyone, those who are looking for one would definitely appreciate it. Also, the red light doesn’t have to be bright- I have used this ( and it has worked well, but tears through 9-Volt batteries.

I do also have the rechargeable LC40 Bolder, and it is simply amazing. I have used it for hiking, walking the dog, going through boxes in the garage, and pretty much anything else you can think of to do with a flashlight.

@AnkerOfficial, thanks again for making such amazing products!



You can ways get red filters for your existing flashlights. I did this for mine in the past

Ah. That would definitely work. Do you know of any pre-made ones that would fit the LC40, or should I just cut up some plastic dividers and hope for the best?

I just used universal filters that are cut to fit

I’d love to see some pictures with review

Red light!
Always suspicious!:wink:

I do! That’s what brought me to this forum to check if there was any red lens/filter that could be added.
A red light mode is good to not disturb animals in the wild…