YASP - FCC Soundcore wireless buds A3939 Life P3


Yet Another Soundcore Product

Life P3

My view is new products good, just need full description, explanation of differences with other products so we the consumers can make the best choice. Given how many support threads there are, clearly documents are lacking, and the more products the fewer owners per product so the harder for a community to help as more of us don’t own any particular product.


Wow crazy amount of products coming from Soundcore as of late with new earbuds speakers and upgrades of the latest. Not sure how well the product launches and naming will go but we shall see in time

Guess they want to oversaturate the market lol

Yes these are the Life P3 A3939


You can visually see them here

image image image
image image image

7 mins 28s from start

At time of writing there in the FCC to be released these wireless buds, 4 in total

  • A3939 wireless buds Life P3

  • A3933

  • A3926 Liberty Neo 2

  • A3930

I’m not suggesting to not buy anything from Soundcore now, just buy knowing there’s a successor coming “soon”. We kind of know that anyway but this is just more evidence.

A3926 is Liberty Neo 2

image image

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I am genuinely baffled at their product release strategy.

Their own website doesn’t match Amazon.
They sell the older products alongside new with sufficiently similar names it’s easy for confusion.
Very similar and overlapping products just takes more time to sift through.

It is kind of marginalising the community as they don’t tell us anything - we find out somewhere else and then inform here - and so many products it’s hard for any of us to own a particular one to help out.

My biggest peeve is they don’t terminate logical predecessors, I’d like to see just say 3 wireless buds, or at most 5 - a few in-ear and stick , say a low / mid / high so you can fit all your options on one screen width to read across and pick.

Life P3 overlaps the Liberty Air 2 Pro to such a degree I’d prefer if one of them didn’t exist just to protect the community from confusion. They are both ANC.

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The more similar products the more confusion.
Same are the many models of the RoboVac.
Who will help customers to find out what they need.


The confusion is either deliberate or accidental. Either they basically are saturating the market to squeeze out space of competition, or it’s just chaotic scattergun.

So when the P3 comes out, the question will be asked this Vs the Liberty Air 2 Pro, both have ANC.

The Liberty Neo 2 Vs Liberty 2 Pro, similar shape and neither has ANC.

I know we complain about not many newer better chargers and Powercore but those are comparatively simpler products than audio and the limiting factor is not so much product knowledge but knowing your requirements.

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Seems to me they prefer quantity over quality. And they have the right to do whatever they want but when those products don’t work as they should, many people will refuse to buy from Anker/Soundcore ever again.

I’ve been lucky and haven’t had a bad item from them, but the moment I get a bad item and support doesn’t help, I won’t buy from them ever again.


I’m beginning to see the end of Anker for me, moving to my 4th Q30 as band snapped.

Not sure exactly what they are doing wrong but it feels to be they are trying to grow quantity of products faster than their recruitment of matching talent. Could be a glitch virus related. If you’re wondering why I’d bother to get a 4th replacement Q30, it’s the excellent 3rd, 2nd customer support rapid replies. But I’m still spending my time boxing and returning.

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Well at least they’ve been taking care of the issue. Maybe the 4th will be the lucky (working) one lol

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I think in the past live stream Soundcore Adam hinted a new Soundcore product might be featured so maybe we will have answers for at least one of these products

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There’s been a lot of Rave products released, Rave Mini update etc. Stuff from FCC in April should be hitting shops now.

I’m not expecting Life P3 in shops now, average 6 weeks from FCC suggest July. As new products tend to not be discounted for weeks, you’ll see early LP3 Vs LA2P comparisons until LP3 discount August. No inside knowledge, just extrapolation from past.

The revised Motion+, new Rave Mini, Q20 II, are due soon.

Edit: this Reddit comment implies my guess of July may be off and a little earlier.



So the Liberty 2 Pro+ was accidentally leaked in the app. The Life P3 is now public. The Neo 2 was out before.

So there’s still one more at FCC not yet release.


  • A3939 = P3
  • A3933 = ?
  • A3926 = Neo 2
  • A3930 = L2P+

So what’s the A3933?

Given the L2P+ is a modest update from L2P, we’re still basically waiting on a major update on L2P, so is A3933 the L3P?

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For my ears overhead are more comfortable! :grin:


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Well unreleased over-ear is the A3045 which was also accidentally put in the app as Q20+

So everything is accounted for apart from the A3933.

If I look at gaps in current product line, there hasn’t been an AptX wireless bud for a while - the LA2P omitted it as does LP3 and Neo2 - so an AptX version added, or because they didn’t add ANC to the L2P+, a “L3P” expensive ( > $200) with coaxial drivers and ANC.

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Couldn’t agree more @professor


The more models, the more confusion.
I am sure even the fellows from the marketing dont know what is offered meanwhile:grin:


A few weeks later we now know

We have also the Q20+

The Life P3 release was delayed so the early review videos were taken down, so technically we have 5 products we know of which are not yet able to be procured, of which the P3 is at least able to be discussed at Soundcore community.

There is a new Flare Mini, an upgrade Motion+ we know next to nothing about.

All links are to what Anker has publically released information to the respective authorities.

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