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Yet Another Soundcore Product

It’s been a while since I posted on this and 5 new Soundcore products coming up. This follows on from the Life P2 Mini which followed the Liberty 2 Pro+ Upgraded, etc.

I’m personally waiting for them to refill the hole they formed when they stopped developing wired in-ear buds as these TWS ones fall out my ears. I am tending to move around with the Slim+ around my neck and carrying their ancient Nano or Icon Mini, and gifting away everything else. I recently was gifted a Flare Mini and a Mini 3 and gifted them away to family. I’d like a Nano successor, say with some IP rating, as I’m often preferring tiny things for bike / hike trips, the nearest equivalent being the Icon Mini.

In newest (so furthest in future) order:


This is a TWS bud as there’s a right and a left. Bluetooth 5.2 which is going to help eventually with TWS and a type of Partycast with a multicast capability and better multipoint.


Uncorroborated image:

This is made in the same factory as the L2P+ and L2P before so I’m still thinking this is the Liberty 3 Pro we all feel inevitable ANC version of L2P. Given this date… makes for an early/mid October release. As most developed nations are getting back to office and commuting, ANC is going to keep being a high priority item for many. Good ANC is expensive but easier in tight-seal buds like the L2P. If you’re wondering why its taking so long to add ANC to L2P it is because it has an inline armature making for a long depth need and to do add ANC adds a microphone to already quite deep design. It is easier to add to those just with a driver like LA2P, LP3.


Also TWS as left+right. Also BT 5.2 (good!) It is having a monopole antenna, implying a stick shape.

There is a A3919RT released earlier.

The A3919 is released

The A3919 is sometimes the Life P2 but the images don’t match so I’m confused here. However, there’s basically 3 similar in a family products, A3919, A3919 C and A3919 T. Different codec support???


This has 2 identical product A3102 / A3102J implying online and offline products - identical insides but different names, usually for the USA market with one for one of the big physical store shops like Walmart, BestBuy.

The label makes it looks a simple speaker, like the original “Soundcore” which is a brick shape.



As it’s not a right and left it’s not TWS buds, but the label says it’s too small to have a label on the product, implies small, … don’t know what this is! Something interesting, small, bluetooth, not a speaker, not TWS, not headphones…



Soundcore Mini. The Soundcore Mini is A3101 product code so expect an identical looking version with differences. This is my only major complaint of Soundcore - how does a consumer know which version they are getting? The original or the upgraded?

This has offline and online versions we’d expect for USA market, identical products save different names.

Certainly looks like the Mini


While not new, there is also an upgrade soon on:


This is a revision of the Soundcore Select Pro. There’s non-trivial changes to the product, and so the same concern of how do you know if you’re getting original or upgraded?

So an internals changed version of

So while I’m not posting a vast amount of detail, my only suggestion is to

  • not when you buy something then say soon after “but I just bought…” when a new product comes out.
  • if a product existing now is not perfect for you, don’t rush buy, probably a better version suiting you is coming
  • consider carefully if you pay full price for a new product when probably a discount is coming when a sucessor is coming.

Just don’t complain and we’ll all be fine, choice is good!


I can already see the threads asking for help on how to differentiate which model they have lol


Agree, but I am puzzled why we seem to get more Eufy threads than Soundcore threads?

I’ve not posted all the upcoming Eufy products, they are listed on the same link. There must be some people very focused on security. My philosophy - own little, buy used, let the thief in as the cost of the lock / door is more than the house contents.

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Maybe since the Eufy forum don’t get a lot of people, they figured it’s better to post here… that’s if they even know about the Eufy forum lol


Thats a good point @ikari04warrior
So I thought I’d check the box for the Eufy Smart Scales just in case it only referenced Anker.

But no, plenty of Eufy information there!

Or maybe it’s because from the website it’s not clear.
I would have though the forum/community would have its own tab rather then having to go into the Eufy Family tab.
Under support maybe, but Eufy family?


I agree the Eufy products and site are literally sprinkled with Eufy brand and site but their appliances link comes here.

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How’s the scale working for you? I got a Eufy scale and I think I’ve for almost 2 years and so far so good

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Going great thanks and glad yours is too!
Weigh in weekly, although I’ve lost the weight I wanted too so now its more just keeping check.


Oh congrats!! Gaining the weight back is just so easy lol :sob:


It certainly is @ikari04warrior
I calorie count using the Samsung Health app and seems to work for me!


I used to use MyFitnessPal app. It worked pretty good for me. I’m currently happy with my weight loss and don’t keep that app anymore. I just try to eat less and stay active by working out and running/jogging when I have some free time


I won’t create a new thread just for one more YASP


This is another TWS bud so that’s 4 TWS buds in total on FCC but not yet in shops.

I remain baffled with their plan so left with the only logical plan is they don’t have a plan, scattergun.

They usually only do a major marketing launch event every 3 months so likely one of the 4 has big fanfare and the other 3 buds quietly released and someone stumbles upon them.

My guess is the Liberty 3 Pro will get the attention, hints and launch dates and threads deleted mentioning them. Given the average time for FCC to launch means about 2-3 weeks more so I’m expecting hints in 1-2 weeks.

I’m expecting the Soundcore marketing machine to begin hinting at the Liberty 3 Pro from next week as there’s signs the stock is arriving 2-3 weeks from now.

There’s also the early signs the electronics shortage which drove up prices is waning so if you are saving up then I’d expect Liberty 2 Pro discount to be just before so soon. Already seen £50 price, I’d not be surprised to see a slightly lower price next week.

Hints and signs, no inside knowledge.

A3102J showing up in Japan

Looks like a minor update.

Dusty item.
Comes from the basement? :joy:


Dust and a Micro USB port.
I would say it came out of the Ark rather than a basement Franz :grin:




The date of the video… lines up with the FCC dates.

Looks like it is going to be a big product launch. Also looks like they thought of all the issues I was concerned with. Everyone - do not use this foreknowledge as a reason to influence buying decisions, as I strongly recommend waiting for owner reviews. I only offer to give you pause, time to think, if this is the sort of thing you are interested in. If it is, then empty your wallet after some honest reviews.

I’d expect 25%-30% discount on Cyber Monday.

As Soundcore has not officially began the hinting process, I treat this as 2 weeks minimum away. I don’t think it will be that much later as they need to build demand for the late November period, so I’m seeing a boxing-in of a date say of October 15th. Then all the reviewers can release their reviews and we can begin a real discussion.

EDIT - the video made private so those who didn’t look soon enough have to wait for official launch.

And so the leaks from those were meant to keep quiet begins… This is normal when they send out so many freebies one of them doesn’t check the embargo date.

From the review, seems good so far. Mentions app but does not show app, suspect not in the app beta program which have to request via app for your email address.

It does irk me somewhat that all you need is a video channel and you get two free sets of L3P to play with and yet core fans ignored. I’m sure a few we know here have them and sticking to the rules so they feel somewhat irked also.

Amazon affiliate links is what it is all about - want to be first to get most views most click-thru most revenues. But I believe all are meant to wait til the same day.

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The recent launch of the liberty air 2 pros, had a set date for release of reviews and such, but when delivery issues came up, Soundcore pushed out the date with short notice. As a result some of the reviewers had dropped the video only to have to retract it.

Maybe the case here if chigzs released his, as he is one of the bigger reviewers I’ve seen.