+++ YAMYAM's longtime eufycam STRESS TEST +++

This post/thread of me has been herewith copied/moved from the kickstarter campaign page to this forum, to be able to better keep track of it and to also let other users (who havn’t been part of the campaign) known of it.

(posted about 2 months ago at kickstarter)


(Including discovering a realy bad unpleasant BUG!)

  • My Stress-Test (with three cams in one room with 8-12h action/per day and with 1-1,5 m distance to the homebase) ran from 29.12.2018 until today (03.01.2019).

  • Beside the fact to see how many videos the standard SD-card will handle and how fast the batteries of the cams will drain, i wanted to see what will happen if the SD-Card is full (which revealed some bugs, see below)


  • CAM 1 --> 1.867 videos
  • CAM 2 --> 1.797 videos
  • CAM 3 --> 1.654 videos
    OVERALL: 5.318 videos

HOMEBASE SD-CARD USAGE: 94% (which is not correct, see below)

BATTERY STATUS: All three cams fell down to 4 of 5 bars in the meanwhile, sometimes pending between 4-5 bars, but now all at 4 bars permanently)


I was impressed about the amount of videos the app can handle and how smooth it still works and slides, even with thousands of videos and thumbs showing up, nice!

I was also impressed how long the battery is keeping up 80+%, at least under “laboratory conditions” when the cams are in one warm room, inside, with just 1-1,5 meter distance to the homebase. In real life conditions, outdoor in the cold/hot weather and with max distance, the battery will drain much much faster probably.


  1. The “Local Storage” information of the Homebase gets “frozen” or stuck at 94% usage! I was wondering since about 1 day why the usage isn’t growing anymore, but as i keept control of every days videos of all three cams and i still could see every single video in the “history” of every day since start (made screenshots to compare and also noticed the first date and time of each video of each cam) … i thought: Mhhh, weird but it seems that the SC-Card is not full (100%-94% = 6%!) and he is still recording my videos, which was correct as i could see every single new videos of each cam and could (re)play it. BUT(!):

  2. After over 1 day at dubious 94% usage of the SD-card, i thought “This just cant be correct or right” and started investigating. All the time i thought everything is still ok, as i was checking the amount of every days videos of all days and all cams frequently, and they were all there and showing up. I also noticed that all new videos from the current day still been recorded and could be played. But then … a brainstorm … what if i switch back to the first day of testing and scroll down to the very first videos (which are still showing up with thumbnail, lenght, date, time) and TRY TO PLAY IT!!! … BAM !!! They are all GONE!!!

As soon as i tried to play videos from the first day of testing, no matter which of the three cams, there is just showing up a weird (wrong) error message: “Cannot connect to HomeBase.(-111)” with a “Retry” Button showing up. But hitting this will not help, of course not, as those videos are ALL GONE(!). The error message should be therfore correctly: “This video already has been overwritten and is not available anymore at your SD-Card”

But the much more worse thing and question is:

Why the hell the software/firmware is keeping all the information of an already overwritten video (like thumbnail, date, time, length) while the videos doesnt even exist anymore???!!! This is not only annyoing and confusing and probably a WASTE OF SPACE and TONS OF DATA GARBAGE, it also makes it nearly impossible to see and note until when the videos are really still there and existant! (and how many are there in total)

Regarding this, i had to MANUALLY CHECK ALL VIDEOS (thumbs) to see which videos are really still there and playable and to DELETE ALL ALREADY OVERWRITTEN VIDEOS MANUALLY, to finall check and see how many videos the 16 GB (15GB) SD-card will be ready to handle round about. (see above)

Means i had to manually check and delete:

  • CAM 1 = 320 Videos…
  • CAM 2 = 250 Videos…
  • CAM 3 = 320 Videos…

…which are still showing up in the app(!) but do not exist anymore at the SD-card.

So which needs to be fixed asap:

  1. If the SD-card is full, he should really show 100% not 94%, or any additional message like “94% means full in eufy mathematics”

  2. If a video is getting lost/overwritten, all data of this video should be DELETED for sure and NOT BE SHOWING UP AT THE APP anymore. (at least to save space and stop beeing confusing)So eufy, what do you think about those issues and when will you fix them? Thanks :slight_smile:

:information_source: Forum Signature: Yes, it’s me, yamyam :wink:
Most of you may know me already as very active user, tester, commenter at the eufy cam kickstarter campaign with hundreds of posts/comments: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116368506/evercam-the-wirefree-security-cam-with-365-day-bat/comments
:flag_de: As non-native-english-speaker i am sorry if you have problems to understand me :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Here are all REPLYS to this post at kickstarer until yet i don’t want to withheld:

Eufy Security
2 months ago

We appreciate you bringing these bugs to light. We will be investigating this issue further.

Thanks yamyam!

about 2 months ago

You are welcome eufy!

Eufy Security
about 2 months ago

We have confirmed this issue and are working to resolve it. At the same time, we’re exploring better ways to show the actual usage of the storage and the date range of the available videos.

Great text and I hope eufy will patch this

You are welcome Kopra_12, thanks!

In addition i would like to add the latest and brandnew:


I used one of my plenty cams to really stress the battery at its most possible and had it run 24h a day with permanent action/movement, without any pause, recording 2 min videos in row (which means in eufy language a retriggering interval of “0”, which still is not “in row” as we know as there is still a break of 20-50 seconds between every video) and with permanently activated nightvision in a dark room (to stress the battery even more) :stuck_out_tongue:

Hardcore Stress Test RESULT:
:battery: The fully charged cam was drained empty after about TWO DAYS! :electric_plug:

Sure, not a really realistic real life scenario, but test for just for fun and to see what anker technology holds :wink: … And those who know me and my cams and situations, already know that my mostly stressed real life cam is drained after every 2 WEEKS! (with about 120-220 videos a day of 1 min length and max. range to the homebase, which is just 12 meters in my case), while my at least stressed cam, with about 2-4 videos daily, probabl will hold its battery even more than one year :wink:

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@yamyam If I ever get my eufy camera system I’ll be hounding you for some tips. You are a pro, love the details in all your posts!

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@dicejedi :thumbsup: :hearts:

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Hey you, @yamyam, welcome to the community man! Wonder why didn’t you come here all these days. I know you on Kickstarter page and like your efforts to test the eufycam to the extreme conditions. :grin:
Welcome aboard ! :clap:

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@Ice1 :vulcan: :hearts:

Hey @yamyam,

We appreciate the feedback. Your suggestions are always good and we agree, this is how we expect it to work.

There could be sync-up error between the App and the HomeBase. We’re checking this at the moment and will fix it once we find the cause and solution.


Great test, looks like Anker is on it now.

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