Wyze data breach

Report alleges massive Wyze data breach, but many questions remain

It’s less important that you read that, and more important that you read this.

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More important is to see what Exactly has been breached… Hope we don’t see your and my faces on YouTube (captured via Wyze) :joy::joy::joy:

But glad to see the company being transparent

I have doubts as to if anything has really been breached. Everything seems sketchy, and almost like a ploy to get a bad rep against wyze.

They are still handling the situation really well.

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Only time will say… :no_mouth:

I agree… they took precautions despite the lack of proof of an actual breach.

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I find it funny this gets posted about Wyze, when Ring had had numerous data breaches and hacks but no one is talking about it


Looks like the data was left open on internet, plus beta tester details seem to have been exposed

Hope eufySecurity will not face this situation one day :face_with_raised_eyebrow: