Wrong plug for wireless charger

I was looking for a 9v charger plug for my wireless charger and when I typed it into Amazon I saw this plug and decided to buy it, made by anker but when it arrived I saw it was a 5v plug, why is it listed under a 9v plug, would I still be able to use it?

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Hey @Leslie_Kwallah
The charger is not 9v as you’ve found out.
Thats all to do with Amazons search than anything else.
The charger will work but it may not charge at the speeds you were expecting.
What are you looking to charge?

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I was looking to charge my iPhone 8 Plus and my AirPods Pro’s

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Don’t think it will be any slower as Apple support only the slowest wireless charging. Chances are the 10W wired out will be getting 7.5W wireless out.

You’d need Android which is 15W wireless in needs 18W in to be worse off.

But is it safe?

Yes safe, worst case is doesn’t work.

If you are not happy with the charging speeds just send it back :+1: mistakes happen