Wow to these chargers. Power......literally

I own three of Anker’s latest chargers and I’m impressed with the power output and fast charging speeds I’m getting from these guys. All boast PowerIQ 3.0 and Power Delivery.

The first is the PowerPort Atom III Slim. It’s slim as the product title suggests and lightweight. It fits perfectly in a small outside pocket in my camera bag and will be going with me on every photo shoot. Love the folding prongs and 30W output power.

The PowerPort III mini in the center also boasts 30W of power, folding prongs and a nice compact design. This is going in my everyday work bag for on the go quick charging.

And lastly, the PowerDrive III Duo. It has replaced my Roav Spectrum Charger after I saw consistent, fast charging speeds while connected in my car. Two USB-C ports rated at 18W per port, I’ll be able to simultaneously fast charge my smartphone and iPad Pro 11" tablet.

Thanks @AnkerOfficial for continuing to make quality products for my everyday life. Just please include Black color options (not just white) on all of your gear :innocent:



I have the PowerPort III mini coming :blush:. Great comments and photos!

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I’ve got two of them. I like the first one so much, I got a 2nd :smiley:


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Wow indeed. Love the pics. Sounds like you’re all set for whatever gadget comes your way. :slight_smile: I really love the look of the PowerPort Atom III Slim. It’s on my wish list.

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Nice, I’m patiently waiting for Anker to send me my powerport AtimIII Slim. Wish I could snap my finger and it be here already


Snap! is it Avengers: Endgame effect :wink:

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Anker chargers sure are great :heart:

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I personally love these chargers the way Anker have built (right now i only use these for charging the power bank and nebula capsule projector) but I always have a question will this chargers have bad effect on battery’s heath upon daily usage?

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Thanks. Yes, I’m all set. The slim is surprisingly compact. Maybe one day they’ll make them with two USB-C PD ports and it would be perfect :star_struck:
I also have the PowerCore Slim 10000 PD which fits perfectly in any pocket.

Must be selling like hotcakes. Hope you get it soon!


Agreed :smiley:

They’ve been making chargers since 2011 and know what they’re doing with thorough testing. Their products have charging protection to keep your device safe.

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Nice Pictures and review.

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will this chargers have bad effect on battery’s heath upon daily usage?

The answer to that is mostly no, or at least that it isn’t dependent on the charger whether there is an issue. If your device is setup to support these protocols (USB-PD or any of the protocols covered by Anker’s IQ3), then it is responsible to tell the charger when to slow down charging because the battery is past a certain percentage full. And if the device doesn’t support the protocol, then these will default down to slow charging.

If your device supports the protocol, but doesn’t manage battery temperature well (allows it to overheat), then there could be problems. But that is on the device manager, and if they do it wrong you would have that problem with any supported charger, not just Anker. So no extra risk with this charger.

Fast charging in general does shorten battery life over time, but not by much. Most people consider the benefit of fast charging to be worth that impact over time. Most phones that support fast charging (including my Galaxy S7 and now S9) have an easy option to disable fast charging and go down to only using slow charging. So you can probably turn it off if that is your concern, but then there isn’t much value in using one of these chargers…

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My PowerPort III mini came yesterday! I probably won’t leave a review since chargers and such aren’t really my cup of tea… I can’t provide more info then you can get in the description :joy:

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My post wasn’t really a review but an…“I’m happy I got these” post :nerd_face:

Haha. I was just saying that because I usually leave reviews for products I get :wink:

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Thanks :right_anger_bubble:

I just recently got a Powerstrip 3 and the quality on it is great. It looks clean to go with my setup, I can run my monitor and two computers on it and then it still has 3 USB chargers on it so I can have an extra charger on it that is much faster of a charger than a charger plugged into my computer. After finding this site and seeing the reviews on Amazon I knew I was going to get an Anker powerstrip to upgrade from what I had.


I have the Duo for a long road tour, I am halfway to leaving North America to UK and so stopped buying anything NA specific. I’d like a UK version 3 port with two 18W usbc IQ3 and a legacy 2A A port.

That would be a powerhouse of car charger. For that, I’d like an 18W & 30W USB-C ports and one 12W IQ3 USB-A port.

It should be appropriately called the PowerDrive III Trio ( hint hint @AnkerOfficial )

I have done 8000 miles of driving in August, in the car I had the Duo with 2 18W IQ3 and I used them to operate my Huawei Mediapad M5 8.4" tablet which was on navigation duty (Google Maps), and 10.8" tablet I had on the lap to research where to go next. We have had 18 different places to sleep in a month and I was doing a lot of research of places to go.

I also had the Powerdrive 5, it was recharging anything from overnight, buds, flashlights, the iphone and the OnePlus. The vehicle has two 12V DC so I found a solution.

So I don’t think a 3 port car charger is sufficient. I was never less than 4 ports used and sometimes 6 ports.

Overnight I have been on the Cube with its IQ ports charging buds, iphone, two Huawei chargers and Oneplus Dash charger.

So what I seeking is more many-port chargers, currently I don’t own anything needing more than 18W.

Arguably we may need USB PD hubs to spread power so when with few devices we carry a few ports charger and when with many devices we add a hub.