Wow all change! + Amazon grumblings?

So I’ve not been around here much over the past month or so (family related…) and it seems we have been given a revamp, nice!! :heart_eyes:
I’m liking the idea of the Power draws too. And the gentle trickle of USB C cables and devices coming out.

Also, I’m wondering if anyone else is experiencing issues with their reviews being posted to Amazon (UK specifically)?
I have a few reviews that have been sitting at “pending” or “being reviewed” for a few weeks now. They are for a mixture of Amazon bought things and non-Amazon bought.
I’ve contacted amazon, but their response is simply that they will be posted once aproved. :neutral_face:

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Welcome back @arwen! It’s good to hear from you again.

This happened to me once… a few days later, Amazon deleted all my reviews for unknown reasons (they stopped answering my emails). I hope this doesn’t happen to you, but perhaps make a backup of any reviews you would like to keep just in case. :wink:


Nice to see you back on the forum @Arwen ! Yep there’s been a few changes, to say the least :grin:

Not had issues getting reviews posted on Amazon UK in the past week or two (both bought and third party items) but have had several issues getting photos approved for them. As @TechnicallyWell has mentioned though, if your doing any important reviews to boost rank on Amazon, keep a backup for their random ‘cleaning house purges of non-Vine reviewers’


Thanks guys :slight_smile:

That is my concern :slight_frown: goggling it brings up loads of cases like that, where people end up losing them all!

@Arwen Haven’t seen you for a long time! How have you been?:hugging:
@TechnicallyWell @ndalby, why did Amazon deleted so many reviews in a short time? No reason?

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Thanks @AnkerOfficial, I’m doing good now thanks. New motorcycles make most things feel better :joy:

Amazon have started clearing house for reviews that were stated as either ‘given as a sample’ or at a reduced cost (which to them counts as a paid incentive to write only 5 star reviews). They have however for a few customers cleared all their reviews and not just ‘samples’, probably because it was faster than vetting all the reviews, with some even getting a ban when they have challenged ‘the purge’.

happened to me two months ago, haven’t been given a proper explanation or had a chance to plead my case. decision was final and lost all reviews. Amazon reviews gone

I’m so sorry to hear your case…it’s insane…!