Would you buy something like this if Anker made it?

I was surfing Facebook when I came across an ad for this device. It’s a Wireless PowerBank made by Aukke. I like the concept of it but the design leaves a lot to be desired. I’m sure that if Anker made one of these, it would look a whole lot better. This one looks cheap. What do you guys think? Would you buy one if Anker made it? Unfortunately, I don’t own any of the newer phones or devices that would benefit from this. But that’s ok, Anker has me covered with their regular power banks :wink:


Wasted space and energy due to conversion loss. Not worth it or beneficial given how slow it would charge


I would if they made one

I would maybe.

Nope never.

Waste of:

  • the efficiency of wireless charging is less than wired so the powerbank is made wastefully bigger for a given benefit
  • the cost
  • the size
  • the fact I do not only recharge phones but smartwatch, tablet, torch, soundbuds, etc so I’m with the cables anyway
  • the cable is usually with me to recharge the powerbank anyway, which by the way would be made better if we had more USB-C input powerbanks to match the USB-C input phone and tablet I use
  • better options already exist such as the Fusion 5000, Mini+ 3350, Slim 5000, 10000 (these I own)

What I’d like to see:

  • USB-C recharging in smaller powerbank
  • built-in cables for the smaller powerbank, made in the 3 flavors of USB-C, MicroB, Lightning.
  • USB-C exclusive everything the entire Anker range so I need only carry USB-C cable for a USB-C Sounbud, USB-C Powercore, USB-C Powerport, USB-C phone, USB-C tablet, USB-C laptop, USB-C kitchen toaster (joking to check you’re reading this)

Wireless chargers make perfect sense in:

  • wired to the wall socket regular places like bedside or office
  • communal places like pubs where you just plonk the phone down and it trickle recharges

I’m seeing a lot of no’s here with regards to a product like this, but if I’m going to be honest, we may see a product like this in several years’ time. I agree that it may seem like a waste of space, but considering Anker’s efforts in making accessories for Apple products and the direction that I believe Apple is going in, they may end up making something quite like a wireless charging power bank.

Now, I recognize that I’ve made a bit of an odd claim here, but let me explain. It is my belief that Apple is, over the next few years, headed for an entirely wireless, entirely port-free iPhone. Over the past few generations of iPhone, they have made several decisions that point towards this as a potential long-term plan. First, they made AirDrop, a simple, fast, and completely wireless file transfer system. Next, with the iPhone 7, they removed the headphone jack, with the justification that it would make waterproofing easier. At the same time, they released AirPods, a wireless version of their ubiquitous earphones, with a proprietary W1 bluetooth chip to make pairing the headphones (as well as a few third-party options such as powerbeats) extremely easy. Now, with the iPhone 8 and X, they have introduced wireless charging using the most popular current standard, Qi.

All of these moves, dating back over several iPhone generations, have been made to steer users away from the use of ports, either through providing better alternatives or removing a port-based option altogether. The last obstacle is convenient wireless charging. Apple, like a number of other tech companies, has been investing fairly heavily in “true wireless charging,” or wireless charging with a range of more than the inch or so needed by Qi. Once this hurdle has been crossed and the technology exists to charge an iPhone from a hub with a range of, say, three feet, I think that Apple will remove the charging port completely, giving them more design freedom (as well as tighter ecosystem control).

This will leave third-party manufacturers (like Anker) with a choice: make products that implement this new wireless charging standard, or lose out on the lucrative iPhone accessory market. I’m inclined to believe that Anker will make a charging pack that utilizes this new form of wireless charging, and although it won’t be nearly as space-efficient as their current offerings, it will be their only option for catering to the new iPhones of 202X or whenever this ends up happening. Maybe Anker will split their product line and offer battery packs that have regular ports, like the current models, as well as a separate line of wireless packs.

Of course, this is all conjecture - I’m just a college kid with an interest in tech. I’m no analyst or anything like that. However, when looking at the behavior of both Apple and Anker over the past few years, this is my best guess as to the future of both companies.

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I’m only here for the USB-C kitchen appliances :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I honeslty wouldn’t. For one, it’d be very expensive and two, I think there would a lot more room for failures in the device.

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Why waste your time with that when a few more years we can charge wireless within 40ft from wall.https://www.geekwire.com/2014/ossia-wireless-charging/

Could be something for the “youngsters” with modern items. :grin:
I have nothing to charge wireless:
Old Ipad, old Ipod, old Iphone (all working fine since many years!!!)
and an ANKER torch only.

But i think, nigelhealy mentioned it, there is a lot of waste of energy, charging this way.

Wireless tech as it currently sits is a power hog. The efficiency to warrant a system like this is not the greatest at the moment. If it improves in the future i would consider it. But today, ill pass.

Strange how android have had wireless tech for a few years, but now apple does it, people are talking about it, like apple invented it (despite it not being apple tech inside, most apples are made with Sony n Samsung bits).


Yep for Apple Watch :slight_smile:

So you would carry around something the size of a phone just to wirelesly charge your apple watch? What’s the point? Charge it at home and go about your day

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it isn’t that strange, Crapple is a popular brand so when they eventually do something years later it then gets talked about.


I would carry one but it would have to be the size of a box of tic tac or something similar. I have the 1st generation Apple Watch and have depleted my battery by the end of the day from fully charged on several occasions. Either because I used my Apple Watch a lot that day or it wasn’t fully charged by the time I left the house. So having something like this would have been helpful. Yes, I also carry a Anker power bank but the problem with that is that I have to also carry at least a 3ft Apple Watch charging cable. I would like the convenience of having a small power bank with the apple charging cable already implemented into it and then just resting my Apple Watch on it when I’m sitting at Starbucks or whatnot. It’s not like Apple gives us much option as far as charging cable size. For instance, something like this would be great to just clip onto a backpack or belt loop.


Yea I remember seeing that from another company but it also cost something like 100 bucks, your paying for the convenience over anything else at that point.

The included usb cable for Apple Watch is so long and not easy to carry when I am on different trips but a power bank like this would be perfect I need a power bank to charge my phone anyways and I can use it to charge my Apple Watch it would be great!

Convenience is important and I am willing to spend for it.

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This is perfect. If you do a workout also in the day even if that’s a 30 brisk walk your battery takes a hit too and something like this would be amazing.

Yep, that was the first time my battery went dead on me… when I was on a workout. I just thought my watch wasn’t working right since there was no display. Come to find out later that my battery was depleted. The battery depletes much faster if you’re using a workout app + listening to music + have GPS tracking on. That’s why I was so hoping that Anker would make something like this. Carrying along the Apple Watch charging cable is a pain. I don’t even bother carrying it around anymore.