Would you buy Anker batteries for power tools?

I burn through batteries for my cordless tools. Would you like to see anker make battery packs for craftsmen, dewalt or black and decker power tools?

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I’m sure the batteries for power tools from anker would be acceptable. I would surely use it, I currently use a power charger 4 my phone from anger it works perfectly

This would be pretty cool to see. Depending on the price they could be really competitive as well since a lot of power tool batteries from big names are slightly overpriced in my opinion. This would be great for my Dewalt products

Absolutely! I have their first vacuum/dust buster combo and the battery on that thing lasts nearly a month with daily use. I would definitely use their batteries for anything. I’m super excited that they are finally releasing batteries for GoPro’s too!!!

IQ Recharging packs for cordless tool batteries. Since some batteries only take an hour to charge but the battery doesn’t usually last that long. A quick charge would mean less time charging. Also a portable charger for power tools like stated earlier since recepticals are not always around.