Would you buy a 'rugged' Anker power bank?

I saw recently that ZeroLemon brought out a rugged power bank. It gets good reviews. I have had a ZeroLemon power bank before and it may as well have been made of chocolate it was that fragile, a problem Anker devices don’t have. But would you be interested in a ruggedised Anker that was even tougher?

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I know what you mean here - I’ve had my fair share of portable chargers that have fallen apart and stopped working. With that, I think Anker does a good job with their quality as I carry my portables everywhere and have even dropped them a few times and still continue to work. I think a rugged bank would be a good addition to the product line, although I’m not sure I’d be willing to pay more for something when I find the other current products to fit my needs and lifestyle right now.

TBH I’d rather have 2 batteries which I put in separate sides of my bag than 1 heavier ruggedised battery.

I recommend you think long and hard about all the ways things can fail and that ruggedised adds weight and volume and yet cannot protect it fully.

Diversity is more protective.


If you’re referring to the 30AH battery it is “Case dimension: 7.07×3.61×1.3 inches
Weight:400g” so that is 33.2 cubic inches.

If you divide the mah by volume and weight you get for this product 904 mah/cuin and 2128mah/oz.

Compare with say the Anker Powercore 20100 which is 1526mah/cuin and 1611mah/oz.

So this is saying just on the publicly available data that you are getting a low volume density product, unsurprisingly given its non-metal based padding. The surprise is the mah/oz figure. Does anyone know its Watt-hours?

I wouldn’t, from experience, the only time I’ve had trouble with Anker products is when I lose them. The build quality is already great.

A more protective coding on the outside would be great. I live in Alaska and my power banks has dings and scratches all over it, but works great still.

Sounds like a great idea as long as it can be implemented without significantly changing the cost of a unit I would totally buy, if only to protect it from falling of the shelf or out of the car every once in a while.

They (all?) come with a pouch so you can keep them in the pouch to protect them?

I’d definitely be interested, as I drop my external battery A TON.

Yeah the slippery surface looks good but a grippy one would be better.

How about a rugged case for existing battery pack? I have dropped them and broke USB ports before

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