Would you buy a mechanical clicky keyboard if Anker made one?

Would you buy a mechanical clicky gaming keyboard if Anker made one?

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i would buy a toilet seat if anjer would make one :joy:


Only if it has color changing LED lights! :smile:


If the quality is the comparable to the current top dogs who currently make them, and if it’s priced to compete, then yeah.

Of course! why not!!

As much as I love Anker, it all depends on the type of mechanical keyboard and what switches they use. I have 2 gaming keyboards, one uses MX red and the other uses MX Brown keys. One is wicked fast and the other is just so so, it really depends on how they do it and what marketthey are aiming it for…price for something like this doesn’t matter if it serves its purpose 100%

I would buy one if it had a MX switches. Everyone and their mother has their own switch and I don’t like any of them more than Cherry MX Blues for my uses.

I’m interested in the toilet seat, I’ll take 3 please ! :grinning:

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If it was the same form/shape as an IBM Model M and similar build quality: YES!