Would there be a new Eufy cam 2K for homekit?


As it seem that this current version of Eufy cam is not hardware compatible with homekit.

Is there a new system in the works that would be 2K or 4K?


Sorry, but before thinking about a remake or update of a cam which is just several months on the market, they should finally and at first bring THIS ONE (eufy cam 1) to perfection and fix the open issues. There is a lot to do, before they even should THINK about “your idea” of the next generation eufy cam. My opinion.

Developing or even thinking about a successor cam, before eufy cam 1 promises are held, would be a slap in the face of tenthousands of customers and backers and supportes of eufy cam 1.

Homekit support was one of plenty of open/unfinished promises for eufy cam. So you maybe better k1ck eufy’s 455 and ask them here when HomeKit Support for eufy cam finally will be finished/ariving. :wink:

Hi yamyam,

I asked because on this last post it say current system won’t support homekit.

Yeah Eufy / Anker have stated that the hardware isn’t compatible with homekit & that they are working with apple on a new system that will be compatible

I think as they are working on the new system the existing system with its faults is now dead & buried

Why struggle making a 1st gen device do what was advertised when you have a 3rd gen in development that can work out of the factory

I think they are struggling with the hardware they chose for the eufycam

If they do release a new system and forget the old then I hope everyone reviews / blogs about the downfall of the eufycam, bad publicity is 10x more effective than good publicity

There’s camera system companies out there that say they aren’t a security system company that have more security features, Eufy security doesn’t live up to it’s name, it’s a camera company not a security company, 3 cameras & a useless door sensor, where’s the security in that? Motion sensors, sounders, keypad / geolocation, smoke / heat / co2 detectors, etc?

So true … reputation can be lost in milliseconds and a brand-shitstorm is upcoming faster than they can say “sorry”.

What they COULD do is, develop eufy cam 2 and offer all cam 1 backers a 90% discount and everyone who bought eufy cam 1 after retail start a 50% discount. (for every single homebase and cam and sensor bought! not only the starter kit)

This would the only possible and fair way to bring eufy cam 2 just close after releasing cam 1.
Everything else will open the box of pandora! :sos:

But i still refuse to give up hope for eufy cam 1 yet! They just need to do their job again and start COMMUNICATING! … their outside effective on PR is a desaster (currently) … No infos, no updates, no timeline news, no improvements, no fixes, no feature updates, nothing … since weeks! :worried:

Probably be frowned upon but
Would this be a work around to get homekit working with eufycam?

Well I think For being version 1 camera Eufy have done a good job.

I am comparing to Arlo ultra.
Eufy is much faster less lag in live view and faster to log into the app.
Video quality is about the same sometimes the Arlo look a little better.
FOV on the Arlo is great at 180* you can see more side to side and vertical.
Battery life Eufy is amazing, Arlo battery life is really Bad.
Arlo local 4k streaming is bad too much Lag.
No internet no problem for Eufy you can live view the cameras, Arlo you can’t live view if no internet.
I like the Arlo spotlight is useful in some areas.

So I think Eufy have done a great job for having version 1. Arlo is not version 1 and is not perfect lot of unhappy owners.
No local 4k recording unless you remove the SD card. Is coming in a future update to fix that.

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So Eufy cam 2 with HomeKit is finally here :clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2::clap:t2:

Available soon - https://www.bestbuy.com/site/eufy-eufycam-2-2-camera-indoor-outdoor-wire-free-1080p-16gb-surveillance-system-white/6386028.p?skuId=6386028 (includes a third cam for free, apparently)

Note that according to BB, the new cameras use a Sony IMX307 sensor, which I believe is an upgrade from the IMX323 in the last version since Sony doesn’t even list the 323 on their site anymore. The sensor seems to be better with HDR, 60fps 1080p HD, and STARVIS back-illuminated pixels for night vision.

More than anything, I’m excited for Homekit support.

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