Would love an API endpoint for Eufy products

As a developer, it would be so useful to be able to write applications for home automation beyond what the Eufy app provides.

This could be accomplished through providing an OAuth 2.0 authorization server and resource servers for different API calls to a resource owners devices.

For example, my Lumos 2.0 light can not have color/brightness changed without turning the light on. This means I can’t set an automation to change the light to daylight during the day or yellow during the evening or to dim late at night without turning the light on and wasting electricity.

However with this API, it would be trivial to write a program to:

  1. Check light power status
  2. Change brightness or color
  3. If light was off in 1, turn light back off

I would also like this as well. I’m shopping for cameras right now. API support is high on my list of criteria for how I decide on hardware.

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Welcome to our community and thank you for your suggestion @ccraven @adam8810 ! I’ll definitely forward this suggestion to our support team!

It’s not officially documented, but for cameras there’s https://github.com/FuzzyMistborn/python-eufy-security and for lights there’s https://github.com/google/python-lakeside

This would be a great implementation

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I tried to utilize python-lakeside, but it appears to not work with Lumos 2.0 lights. I spent some time digging in, but from what I’ve read the ability to connect to them varies greatly from the older lights.

I too badly need the API endpoints and controls for the smart plugs. Currently trying to implement what has been reverse engineered for the robovac and lights, but actual documentation would go a long way.

For the Eufy Doorbell, I had built an API automation here Openhab Eufy Doorbell addon
However, the recent firmware and app update has stopped publishing doorbell events to the MQTT topics for the device and it only uses Firebase cloud messaging to push those events. There are plenty of folks that are interested in home automation APIs so it will be great if you can please re-enable the MQTT topics. In fact, you can have a similar mechanism that Logitech adopted for their Harmony Hub devices by allowing end-users to sign a waiver so they can enable it on their individual devices if security is a concern. Thanks in advance!


An API will be really useful, especially for home automation softwares!


+1 local API would be even better, so much potential here

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I also think a local api with access to events and streams should be added. Eufy tells us it values our privacy and I think having direct access to our own recourse is something that gives us more privacy because we don’t -need- to use the cloud services if we don’t want to.

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+1 Same here! An API would be very helpful and would stop many people from trying to reverse engineer the api over and over again :slight_smile:

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+1 here too…

+1 here too…

I’ll add a +1 for a nicely documented API too. Some way of talking to the three vacuum cleaners around the house would be great. Possibly a little reminiscent of ‘Silent Running’, but otherwise great!

An api for the wireless doorbell should be really nice. Looking forward for this

Wonder if they will do this

Adam, what other solutions did you choose which has open API?


Is there is any update about that?
I would love a local network API, like Xiaomi does, to manage my cameras configuration etc using my Home Assistant automation. Simple use cases:

  • stop the doorbell’s ringtone during the night
  • when the alarm is ringing somewhere, make all the homebases and indoor cameras ringing
  • turn off night vision when I’m watching a movie
  • change security modes according my own criterias

For now I use eufy-security-client, it works for most cases, but a local API would be better than reverse engineering API calls made by apps.