Would like to see anker make a Super fast charge for samsung battery pack

Super fast charge for samsung battery pack

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You may want to provide some more info. Is it a compliment ot a wishlists what you want

Would like to see anker make something for the very fast charge for samsung s20 ultrs

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Anker may already do.

This article below is 4 months old and predates the above charger’s release, but you can see the words of what Samsung requires and these appear to match some but not all with the above charger.

I’m seeing the Anker charger supports PPS, but no mention of PDO. The above words about Samsung says if it doesn’t see PDO then it’s 30W not 45W. If you did manage to get PDO for 10V 4.5A that necessarily is >3A so must use a 100W e-market cable which you probably don’t yet own either.

Cable not included.

Example cable

So does this Anker charger support PDO? If no then its 30W, if yes then its 45W fastest possible.


Yea I got those but want to see of anker will make a power core for the super fast charger

How much would you pay for it?

Look at existing Powercore,

  • 10W $50
  • 30W $100
  • 45W $130
  • 60W $160

An alternative lower cost approach could be adopted:

  • a Powercore, by definition, is with you all the time
  • your phone last many hours from its 5000mAh battery
  • during those many hours of using your phone while with your Powercore you plug it in
  • a 10W Powercore will charge phone in 2-3 hours, 30W in an hour, what you ask for 45W PPS PDO, will save a few minutes and charge in less than an hour.

Can fully understand the tied to wall socket time beckons a fast charger, but curious why you’d pay $$$ extra to keep the Powercore in your bag for a few minutes longer.


Currently there is roughly a $5 higher cost to move up from a 10W to 18W Powercore, so that’s probably worthwhile, but to move up to 30W, 45W is considerably more, and not sure in context worth to recharge a 6 minutes faster when you had the Powercore with you all the time, why not just plug it in 6 minutes earlier.

I’d recommend investigate if this confirms works with your phone from another phone owner, I don’t own the phone so can’t say if works.


It is often discounted, the last time I can find for USA was $35

You mean a 25w powerbank? That would be great

It’s not so much 25W but 10V, a specific voltage that Samsung requires which is only PD 3 PPS.

Anker already makes 27W, and 20V coming, now but it’s not 10V. We’d have to wait for Anker to make PPS for Samsung to get more than … (I think it’s 10W?)

I’d love it if we stopped talking Watts. It’s like saying we need fuel and putting diesel in a gasoline car. The only really important thing is the voltage and the protocol.

In the meantime, Anker makes PPS chargers, the Slim and the Pod for 30W , and portable chargers are with you all the time and so 10W is enough for none to have a real issue.

Samsung is the most popular Android, so hopefully the chasing of the iPhone 20W which Android exceeded 4 years can pivot to the latest Power Delivery protocols of PDO.

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I use watts because I feel like it’s more easier to understand for me lol