Would do you think about an Outdoor Anker Portable Product Line?

Hey Anker Family,

I’ve enjoyed Anker products for a year I have the PowerCore+ 26800 & PowerPort+ 1 Quick Charge. It’s a straight up beast. I live in Alaska, Fishing Guide. I put that device through the ringer. I’m surprised it’s in one piece. I’ve had this down to 5 degrees charging my Iphone on the boat. Client phone dies, I hand them this, their so surprised, First that I have one and TWO, how fast it charges.

However, I feel Anker could produce an Outdoor Product Line that wouldn’t feature a glossy black finish, but yet a Protective, Waterproof, Strong portable Charger. Even make it Orange or a cool Color so I can find it quickly in my Bag.

The Line would include: Portable Chargers from Small-Large, Flashlights, Headlamps, More Solar Power, Even something to power a small stove outdoors, but smaller and more affordable than the Power House.

Question to YOU: Would this benefit you and what would you ADD?

I would love that!
I have a Bluetooth speaker that i take with me anytime I am outside for a while
It’s great to use by the pool or while hiking but i would love a better battery pack for outdoor use to keep the tunes (or podcasts) going all day

Exactly, Solid protection even more so than the current bluetooth speaker offered. I also wish the top of line products would be the ones that would also be Bomb proof.

Bomb proof portable charger, solid headlamp and were on to something here!

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