Worldwide Facebook Thanks contest

Anker has a giveaway on Facebook that is Worldwide
“Thanksgiving is right around the corner. To whom are you most grateful this year? Comment and tag him or her below! We’ll randomly choose 5 pairs to win, and if you’re chosen, you and your friend/loved one may each choose one of the bundles below! Contest is worldwide. Winners will be announced on November 29th.”


So many giveaways!!

Indeed there are, but at least this one is from Facebook

Yeah, I particpated already :slight_smile:
Good luck to everyone !

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I have to keep on eye on both, since content doesn’t always overlap

Yup, kinda too much to keep track of . I won a contest I entered a month ago, with over 10k entries I didn’t expect to win. But then I got an email saying I won a Raspberry Pi 3, I thought it was fake until I got another email with the release form. So low and behold I’m getting a raspberry Pi 3

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Ooh Raspberry Pi 3 … you can do so much with one of them! Plug into an old LCD monitor and its a smart TV. I use mine for lots of downloading type functions.

Thanks for sharing. Good luck to all who enter. One thing is for sure, there are no shortages of giveaways right now!

Yeah, so many giveaways! We don’t want to ignore anyone!:sunglasses:

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i wasnt aware that you had to submit entries for give-a-way on community and I just added " my thankful for "post on the main page like the others did. I never added what I would be thankful for to receive if selected… my son used to play the guitar and drums, but we have as the post shows, lost everything, so anything relating to music or hearing music would be beautiful, since music is therapy in so many ways

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Thanks for the notice!