Worked fine, now bumping in to every obstacle at full speed

I had a Robovac 11 purchased in July that was replaced a few months ago due to fault side sweepers. The new one has been great, however over the last week it has started bumping in to EVERYTHING. It did not do this at first, it would sense walls and chairs and slow down and go around them unless edge cleaning. Now it sounds like I have a toddler wrestling match going on every time I run the vacuum. I stopped running it at night b/c it was too loud. I have cleaned off all the sensors and it has made not difference. Am I missing something?
(PS I have seen somewhere that dark colors sometimes confuse the IR sensor, but I have no dark furniture pieces or borders, and it was working perfect before)

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Hi @Josiah_Jensen , is it doing this on every cleaning mode setting?

It sounds like you have covered the normal troubleshooting steps such as cleaning the sensors etc (have you restarted the RoboVac via power switch?), so you would probably be best reach out to for assistance under your warranty…


Agree with @ndalby. Eufy support is very good and helpful. In case you don’t want to write a long email, you can chat with them (during business hours) for help. the chat icon is on the bottom right corner on Eufy website. It is NOT a bot chat and there is a real person from support team chatting with you.

Yes, you may produce a video.
This is always helpful.
This can be forwarded to the competent technician
very easy.

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