Women's day!

As far I see it is “Women’s day” today?
What our girls are doing today?
What our boys are doing for their girls today?

I prepared a meal (but shhht . (it was my turn today)) :grin:


I do for my lady all the time. Even last night’s dinner… might have been a simple dish.

Without getting into trouble, there is a huge difference between males and females. However, when they do the same job, they should get the same pay.

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I don’t celebrate this holiday… (I dont celebrate “men’s day” either)

Men’s day?
We have here “Mother’s day”, “Father’s day” and new (Holiday in BERLIN only) Women’s day
Men’s day would be nice: Boozers all around, same on Father’s day.

You’ve been missing out all your life :joy:

I’m just a helper in the kitchen as always. I don’t understand these xxxx days, why does it has to be THAT day?
Be it everyday. May be it is for those who dont give a damn about women, mother, father, valentine… they just do it THAT day? I doubt if they even do any special THAT day in that case…

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Same here!
Always “mother’s little helper” :grin:
But I dont know what this day really means.

Father’s day: All drunkards around.
But as it is an “international” day, there should be a meaning,
so I was asking for.

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I’ve never really heard of this international Women’s day nor Men’s day. Where do they come up with this stuff? What if that person doesn’t identify himself/herself as either, is there a day for that? Hmmmmm, the society we live in!


Take “gockel” (sic) for a look.

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Tonight is Chinese takeaway night which got me outta having to make dinner :yum:

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I got Wendy’s cod sandwich and my wife and son opted for McDonald’s. I was gonna cook but wifey said she’d rather just lay for food… Score in for me cause that’s two nights in a row she paid for foodz

Good point. Propose this in your FB, maybe you get a big “like” wave …

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I’m doing Chinese style curry n crinkle chips

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This is such sausage fest for a womens day! We need @Daiross and @Arwen to feminine this place up.


Thats true.
No answer from our “girls” yet.
Only “Bratwurst”-grillers here!

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Hi guys! thanks for remembering us! :heart_eyes::hugs:
To celebrate I took a break from work, I bought beers and enjoyed it with my friends :rofl::raised_hands:


Thanks for the thought. However international women’s Day is pretty much the one day of the year I stay off Twitter, and much of the internet… As all the self-righteousness winds me up.

I did tweet this this year though… which sums up my thoughts. I fight for equality for all, not just for women.


I second this. How about international everyone is awesome 365 days ?

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365 days “our” day! All days are Forumner’s days! :wink:

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I’m gonna get into trouble again!

International women’s Day, is like black lives matter… Let’s not concentrate on one group for one day etc, let’s respect each other all year regardless of race, religion, sexuality, ability, or gender.

Let’s stop trying to point out the difference in others, and concentrate on how WE are perceived, and WHO we really are inside.

Someone once said…
Personality, is the person we choose to show others.
Integrity, is who we are really behind closed doors, while wearing our pajamas!

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