With the holidays around the corner what Anker products do you wish to receive and what Anker products would you gift?

What are some Anker products you would like to receive this holiday season and if you get a particular product from Anker that you do not want what would it be and would you regift it?

I gave my parents a car jump starter last Christmas and they love it! But they’ve used it more often on their lawn mower than they have their car. :joy:

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Gave my parents powercore 20100 a couple months ago and they love it. Plus they’re always on business trips so it’s pretty useful.

Lol I may need one given the drought here in California my lawn mower sits weeks at a time and is always needing to be jump started lol. Thanks for the idea!

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I’ll probably be giving out some car chargers as stocking fillers. I’ve already bought most of my family power banks :grin:

I was going to get my Dad a PowerCore but now that I think again a PowerPort might be a better idea. They have two phones and two tablets that always need charging.