Wish volume could go louder

Anyway to make the volume level of the Anker soundcore liberty 2 pro?

I like to crank it up and these r ok but not loud enough…

I know how to go into developer options and disable absolute volume. Doesn’t help. The only way to make anything louder is to choose custom and put all the bars to the top.

Are you sure the earbuds are perfectly plugged in your ears?
The ear canal should be locked by the ear-tips.
Otherwise the sound is poor.
But do not forget, if you hear music in a loud way it will ruin your sense of hearing

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What phone are you using? Depending on your phones setting you may just be adjusting the earbuds volume with your phone, in which case you can adjust your settings so you can adjust the earbuds volume by itself separate from your phone

Also be sure to confirm you don’t have a limit set on your device!

I can do more than 100%


(This I the setting for the motion+)
Enough loudness for a room of 20sqm.
And there was always enough capacity for all earbuds and earphones I connected.
Same is when using speakers and earbuds with Android devices,
though my hearing ability is not so good (age).

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I am using lg g7 one
And most of the stuff I listen to is YouTube music.

How can u go more then 100 percent. What is that volume bar pic thing u r showing. I never seen one like that.

Enable developer setting on your phone and disable absolute volume, this will enable you to turn the volume up of your earbuds and phone separately. This should give you the increase in volume you are looking for

That’s the sound controller under LINUX.
I never came up to 60% (depending on the loudness music was recorded)
using speakers and earbuds.
A second possibility is to increase the preamp of the eq, if there is such a possiibillty.
(But be careful, its causing distortions if to high)
You can increase loudness of a recording by “audaciry” if there is really a need.