Wiring 2 Eufy Doorbells to 1 chime box (US)

Hello - I fully understand (and was very clear) on wiring 1 front door Eufy Security Doorbell, but was not for adding one on the back door as well. My questions would be 1. Will the power from one chime box (currently powering both front / back doors) be enough to power two units. 2. Do I place another bypass wire on the rear to trans as I did the front to trans (they supply bypass wires per box noting optional but don’t tell me the options).

I tried the online chat (with a real operator) and they were confused, told me they don’t support that type of installation question, and disconnected (somewhat rudely). Very odd behavior on that part.

Thanks in advance on any help provided.

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You will most likely need to install a a bigger transformer to allow for the ability to power two smart switches.

The bypass is only to stop the chime from working and to allow for more power flow to the doorbell. With a bigger transformer you don’t need it.

I am currently running a Google Nest Hello and the Eufy Video doorbell off my doorbell chime without a bypass.

Hello! @cwbarrick Sincerely apologize for all inconvenience and confusion caused! In a general way, the 24V/40VA power will be enough to power two units. As for the bypass wire, could you please try contacting us via support@eufylife.com and show us a picture of your transformer together with the specific installation environment in the mail? Our support staff will try to help you in the specific installation as soon as possible. Sincerely thank you for your valuable time and apologize for all inconvenience caused!

will this transformer work with 2 video doorbells? Thanks…