Wireless vertical mouse problems with Mac

Hi, I have a wireless Anker vertical Mouse Type A7852M. I really love the mouse, but a while ago the cursor startet lagging and getting stuck on the screen. I cleaned the optics, but the Problem persistet. So I thought the mouse was broken and I ordered a new one. Unfortunately, I have the same problem. When I switch it off and on, the mouse works fine for a few seconds, before the cursors gets stuck agarin.

It’s connected to a 27" iMac from 2019, running Catalina 10.15.5


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Please reach out to Anker Suport Support@anker.com with the details you mentioned here.

Also adding @AnkerSupport here on this thread.

Is it the Ergonomic Gaming mouse? or the one that is the exact same style? Asking because I owned the gaming mouse, lost it, bought what I thought was the same one on Amazon and it does the same thing. I thought it was the dongle it was connected to, but if it’s happening to you maybe there is an RF interference problem with the USB adapter. Definitely do what @Shenoy said and please let me/us know what they say? Usually they will have you attempt some sort of troubleshooting before sending a replacement if needed. Thanks!

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