Wireless Vertical mouse disconnecting

My mouse has had this issue several times now. Issue is that mouse will disconnect entirely and its completely unable to connect. In one instance, it somehow paired to an entirely different USB dongle and cursor moved on someone else’s computer! I did double check and make sure it wasn’t my dongle or a prank. I tried troubleshooting steps including reset, would work for maybe 2 minutes and then fail again.

I’ve had the mouse replaced twice already and just received 3rd replacement. Anyone with similar issues?

This might be a slightly dumb question-- Is anything blocking the USB dongle’s “view” to the mouse? Sometimes, especially on the 2.4 GHz band, interference can cause issues like this. @AnkerTechnical, maybe you can identify this behavior?

Here’s another idea, if that didn’t help: contact support@anker.com and tell them your issue. (If you got the replacements through them, of course, you might be out of options.)