Wireless earbuds

Hey y’all,
So as you all know we live in a world that is losing ports whether they be on the MacBook or the head phone jack as seen on countless phones especially iPhones. These changes lead us to adapt by turning to adapters or to Bluetooth. I am faced with the task of looking for wireless headphones. Should I go completely wireless or no and what are your recommendations.


I find myself rarely using my total wireless earphones (Zolo Liberty+) and quite honestly prefer Anker’s other offerings. Not only are the total wireless more expensive, but they’re bulkier, connection is not as reliable, and fit is very hit or miss.

As far as any recommendations, I would generally point you toward the Soundcore Spirit X. If you really want total wireless, then I’d suggest waiting until the Liberty Lite go on sale in mid-July.

Hope this helps and feel free to inquire further!

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I’m with @joshuad11 on this, I have 2 sets of truly wireless earbuds one being the liberty + and the other is a brand I wont name. But I too find myself using my spirit x over those because it actually holds in my ear, has great sound, and are sweat proof

Wireless is really handy and really good. It only has 2 drawbacks.

  • The wireless connection require power so you will be out of power a little quicker.
  • If someone talks to you it’s quick to pull out your wired earbuds and hang them on your neck. With wireless that’s not possible and less handy.

True but that’s not really due to being wireless but due to poor design.
I think hearing aids are the best example of this.
Many fit completely in the ear. That means they don’t stick out of your ear or have those silly antenna’s like apple earbuds.
They also use wireless Bluetooth for streaming and last for days on a tiny battery.
So it’s possible.

BTW it’s also how you define bulky. Two feet of wire is also bulky.

Ended up gifting my Zolo Liberty+ as I just could not get them to stay put, whether during a small workout or just sitting down reading a book out they would pop, which was a shame as the audio (when they stayed in) sounded good…I am though perfectly happy with my SoundBuds Curve variation for the present.

The total wireless is still a relativity new product area, so perhaps by revision 3 or so, I might try again to see if the hold is any better…

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I am still not used to wearing wireless headphones because I always worry that it will fall and break.:joy:

Some brands just fit better. That’s also the case with wired earbuds.
It’s mostly one size fits all, but that’s not right. All ears don’t have the same size.
So a different brand may fit better.

I have the same with sports shoes. When I try shoes of different brands of the same size and equally expensive I always tend to end up with Reebok. Nike, worn by millions, never does it for me. It’s those (extremely) tiny differences that determine comfort.

I think it’s the same with earbuds. When they fit well you won’t be afraid they fall out during running or even eating when they fit really bad.

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It really depends on what type of user you are, as different users have different needs and so will prefer different types:

If you’re someone who easily misplaces small things, then going completely wireless will perhaps not be the best thing to consider. As you have to account for the two ear pieces (L+R) as well as the case. In which I’d recommend the Spirit X, as they’re good for the money and come as one unit; so you won’t have to look after 3 separate items.

If you’re someone who doesn’t like wires at all, then you’d be better off with something completely wireless like the Apple AirPods as there’s noting tying you to your phone… its all wireless. However, there is the worry of them falling out , but this can be fixed by ordering small silicon wingtips for them from Amazon. (I’ve done this for my AirPods).

Lastly, the argument for battery life is mostly redundant as Bluetooth Low Energy (LE) is extremely efficient meaning that the tiny batteries in these devices last for a longer duration, as a result completely wireless solutions tend to be less bulkier than ‘partial’ wireless solutions (depending on the brand of headphones though).

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I have 4 different pairs of wireless Anker buds, Anker totally wired earbuds, and wired over the ear system. I mostly use my wireless one unless I plan to be listening to music for long periods of time or watching movies.

As to totally wireless earbuds, I would stay away from them. Even non-Anker branded earbuds are having issues. I think the technology isn’t there yet. Maybe next year or the year after they will better technology

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I personally recommend non-wireless as its easier to connect to unknown devices. I am also kind of paranoid so I don’t want to have the possibility of ruining my brain because my family always tells me that. I do still have a pair of wireless earbuds for golfing because its much easier to swing without the wires.

I enjoyed my pair of Soundbuds Sport NB10s until they fell off my neck in a parking lot, got driven over by a car (me), and drenched overnight in a flooding, severe thunderstorm. They still worked the following day when I found them in the parking lot, even after being driven over! The short stalks connecting the body to the ear pieces were unbroken. Unfortunately, the charging port deformed under the weight of the wheel and the headset sits in my collection to be recycled.

The sound was comparable or better than any earbud system, wired or wireless, that I have used. I did not achieve a good enough seal in the ear canal to get full isolation from the surrounding environment. That may be a plus as you are still able to have some awareness of your surroundings. The headset mic was sensitive, perhaps too much so. Callers could hear me clearly, but also everything else in the room. I don’t think the product was advertised as having a noise reduction microphone. Battery life was a solid 8 hours. Range was a bit shorter than I would like, ~30 feet. I sometimes use text to speech from a laptop to read long documents to me while busy across the house or yard. My old Class 1 Bluetooth dongle & single earpiece with boom mic could cover the entire property. Anker engineers should make sure they’re getting everything from the antenna that they can.

Pure wireless has been better than wired for me, just get used to keeping track of them.

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Yeah, you are right. I just haven’t found the wireless earbuds which can fit my size…:joy: