Wireless doorbell p2p connection failure


Since today my video doorbell is acting up, the wifi signal at the door is perfect (200+mbs) the distance from the homebase to the doorbell is No more then 50 cm, it works fine when I have the doorbell in the living room, it worked fine the moment i installed it (until This morning)
Ik check for updates… none, reset, restart, reconnect… All the same.

Any advice?

You could ask here too :


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Definitely contact support :+1:

I have the same problem. I called customer service. The girl I spoke with said it is most likely both a bum homebase and and a bum doorbell cam. She said she was putting the ticket in for replacement of both. Well someone decided otherwise and I was contacted saying some egghead claims a new homebase will resolve the issue. It hasn’t. I’m going back to Ring because 1. I never had problems like this. 2. I paid for a product that is failing to give me any pleasure of knowing I can step out and my home is secure. 3. I put in an escalation of the complaint of the doorbell cam and i was told a manager would reach out and contact me - NO ONE HAS CONTACTED ME FOLLOWING THE ESCALATION! That I see kills the deal.