Wireless Charging?

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I’m curious how the technology is coming along, I don’t think anyone can deny wireless charging would be extremely beneficial. However I haven’t noticed much progression. I own an iPhone 7. With the power of wireless routers, will their be a product that could possibly plug into your typical consumer wireless router that would send a signal to your smart device to charge them within range of your wifi?

This might not even be achievable to send this amount of current through wireless channels, however I’m sure it’s been thought of.

Think about it, as you walk into your home your smart device already connects to your Wifi, why not charge too!



Wow, that would be FREAKIN sweet no doubt.

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That would be awesome, but I would be concerned about the radiation! :worried:


OK now I am having flashbacks of the Dharma Initiative from LOST :grin:
Its taken years to develop quick charge for phone . wireless charge if ever possible would probably be very slow like mounting a solar cell to your phone…It would be cool though

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Well the first camera took 8 hours to take one portrait photo. Only time will tell how this technology could evolve.

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It would be a dream, but my guess is a very long time before we see something like this :frowning:

Energy dissipates to the square of distance so you’d need an awful lot of input power to produce little output power.

Or you have an highly directed antenna but then it must point at you.

Energy is proportional to frequency but higher frequency is absorbed by materials more (e.g. 5Ghz Wifi is weaker further than 2.4Ghz). So you’d need a house with no walls basically.

Remember that the transistor was invented to solve this problem, the very weak electric current induced in a wire (aerial) acts as the a trigger to allow a much higher current to flow

Then instead of the old radio crystal sets where the energy you heard through a earpeice was only that from the radio signal, it was magnified to be much louder.

The Qi standard uses a coil of wire in a ring shape which is very close to the phone and it works in the very old tech of an alternating electric charge in the coil produces an alternating magnetic field which then the phone being near induces an alternative electric field in the coil in the phone. This drops off significantly with distance as the magnetic field drops to the square of distance.

Other technologies are more viable. One is to (cough) carry a chemical energy source (e.g. a Powercore) which is charged via cables and outputs via cables.
Or an output via Qi which means it must right next your phone and suffer the huge losses of induction (Powercore would give a lot less than the 90%+ efficiency of a cable).

Chemical energy sources are improving, hydrogen fuel cells for example.

Another method is to turn off your phone you dork and go for a walk in the sunshine. Technology != life.

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If you guys have the time, check this video out: https://www.ted.com/talks/harald_haas_wireless_data_from_every_light_bulb?language=en

Technology has come a long way, wouldn’t be surprised if it would be coming to homes near us very soon!

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That would be awesome!