Wireless Charging

As it stands right now, I don’t really understand the concept of wireless charging (at all). Because it is not long range, you might as well just plug it in. Not only that, wireless charging is not nearly as efficient, and, consequently, not as fast. Not sure I understand why all of these phone companies have introduced wireless charging with no obvious benefits. What are your thoughts? I am looking forward to the next generation iPhone, which is rumored to incorporate wireless charging, because Apple usually takes their own twist on the technology available, and makes it more realistic, you could say (in SOME cases). The bad news is that they are usually very late on adopting new technologies, which makes their products less cutting-edge, typically. I’m hoping for a revolution in the smartphone industry coming soon.

for an office environment I can see it being very useful. It allows for one hand operation. If you are charging with a cord and it rings it’s a pain to have your phone tethered especially if you need to move around the office or if your phone rings several times an hour. For home use I agree that it’s kind of useless but they will never have an issue selling new tech to people that will buy it.

We should just call it induction charging, not wireless, cause the wire is literally right there on the charging pad. It’s a useful feature, definitely beats fumbling for a cord especially at night when you’re going to bed. I hate turning on the lights to find the cord. The speed sucks, sure, but its super useful to get some charging done overnight for example, or maybe in your car when you set it down in the center console like on the new Camrys.

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What @bobbleheaderman said.

It suits when you spend a lot of time in a couple of static places like a home office desk and an office desk, and bedside. You can then mostly just pick up put down and the time spent on the base can accumulate to not needing to plug in.

If you have such a situation then it feels liberating to pick up put down no cables and most of the time fully charged.

Where it suits least is if phone is in your hand or pocket all the time.

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I used it as work when i had my Nexus 4 and 5. I’m always back and forth between my desk and other people’s. So to come back to my own desk and place the phone on a pad, meant i could just grab it and go when needed. It worked really well and meant i never had a low battery at work.


I use it a lot . My galaxy 7edge got wet and now the fast charging don’t work . So the wireless fast charging still works so I find it very useful . As I play game of war and its a power hungry game.

Lol so much for water resistance…

I use mine a lot on a long discontinued Nexus 7 tablet, it makes the USB socket used a lot less to extend device life.

I also was a fan of the Nexus 4 and 5 but they became too slow for my apps, so I replaced their “non replaceable” batteries (5 mins with a screwdriver) and keep them in a draw as spare/backup phones.