Wireless charging receivers

Anker currently carries QI charging pads, but not the receivers for iPhones, micro-usb, or type c. Maybe they could start branding some stuff on Alibaba and back it with their customer service?

I agree, that may be cool. Why Alibaba though? I think Amazon would be fine.

No, most of Anker’s products are directly improted from Ali, and rebranded

Really? Are you sure of this? Do you have proof? Seems slim to me since Anker has such high quality products.

I know Anker sell via Alibaba Express (or is it just Alibaba, can’t remember) but I’ve not read anything about them importing goods from them :confused:

I’m pretty sure Anker design their own stuff and have it made. They don’t just rebadge generic units from Aliexpress.

The only area I think could be improved is knowing if the “A” or “B” applies to your phone for the reversible port.

Around 1/3 of their products (most of the new ones) are all rebadged ali products