Wireless charging pad

Why my angker powercasing iphone 7 can’t charged using wireless pad? The lamp on wireless pad are blinking quick.

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If the light is blinking it means its detecting a foreign object or metal blocking the coils. If you have a metal case, a pop socket, or a rfid card holder on your case all of that will prevent your phone from charging. Have you tried removing your case and seeing if your phone charges?

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Nothing block it. And if i charge my phone using cabel it not have any problem.

Remove the case and keep the phone directly on the wireless charging pad as @Tank mentioned and let us know the results

I just thought of another reason for the light to fast blink, what kind of plug are you using? And what is its rated power output? It could be that its not enough power to properly power the charging pad

I already try 3 kind power plug but all the same. First i try anker powerport+1, second i use ipad adaptor and the third i use baseus adapter 30 w

My iphone is iphone 7

Are you trying to wirelessly charge an iPhone 7?

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I trying my anker powercore iphone 7 wireless battery case 2750

So you’re trying to wirelessly charge the battery case?

You cannot charge your phone wirelessly using the extended batterypack case. The case also does not charge wirelessly, you have to physically plug it in in order to charge it. As for charging your phone wirelessly, you need to remove the battery pack case as thats blocking the charging coils and why the light is fast blinking

He wouldn’t be able to charge his phone wirelessly in any case @Tank as he said he’s using an iPhone 7 and we all know that wireless charging didn’t come to iPhones until the 8 and upwards


Yes because at the first time it can

@budirasak from what I can see you can only charge this via micro USB. It doesn’t have or support any kind of wireless charging.

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As @Macgyver15 mentioned iPhone 7 cannot be wirelessly charged, nor can the Anker Battery case… only Lightening cable to the iphone OR microUSB connected to the case can charge these devices.


iPhone 7 does not support wireless charging or the case.

Hmm seems like you need a phone that can be charged wirelessly first