Wireless Charging Doubt!

I have a cell phone magnetic holder which requires a metal plate in the back of the phone. I have the steel plate inside an otterbox case. Will wireless charging be affected by having the metal plate? You would think a big ol’ slab of metal should affect it but does it? Will it also magnetize the metal? This article says it does interfere and so does basic logic, but they do have some recommendations for car cell phone holders for people like me that just need to have the phone displayed while driving.

Five Car Mounts that Won’t Interfere with Qi Wireless Charging iPhones 8 and X

I personally recommend the Anker PowerWave


Yes the magnetic plate does interfere with wireless charging. Some companies use a round thin edge metal plate to allow pass through wireless charging, but then you don’t have as strong magnetic connection to hold the phone.


I think such a plate will disturb the charging.
Should reduce the transfer a lot.
May be the “wireless buddies” :laughing: can tell you more.
But the hint you made is very interesting for all!


Yeah, I am prepping myself for an iPhone XS Max which accepts wireless charging. I saw that yesterday Anker had 33% off on Amazon for the PowerWave and today is back to the original price, which sucks for me. I still have a magnetic car phone mount for my iPhone 7 plus and was thinking, well really hoping, that a work around can be made so I won’t have to purchase another car phone mount. I do want wireless charging in my car but unfortunately I am a day late in making my purchase of the Anker PowerWave. Anyway thanks @Tank and @Chiquinho for the responses. I do not have many options for magnetic car mounts so guess i’ll wait for the PowerWave to go on sale again.


Almost all say, do not use case if metal plate inside, or over a certain thickness.

Some even specifically state, not suitable for otterbox cases.

You can buy mil+spec cases that would allow wireless charging n prob (not used so don’t know) still be ok on a magnetic mount.

The case I purchased for my S10 was £9 (GBP) and has a milspec certificate and still work on wireless

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If you want a strong case with magnetic mount built in that can still wireless charge your phone… then look into iPitaka cases and mounts, they are made of carbon fiber and have integrated magnets and still allow wireless charging

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Wireless Charging will not be an option for you. Regarding the charging capabilities Qi allows to have a gap of 1.6in and its true. I currently use a wireless car charger and I do not need a magnetic mount. Something else that I realized is that wireless charging did not affect my credit cards on my case. This was not a test more like a mistake, forgot to put them back on the wallet after getting home from the GYM, the phone charge all night and both cards continue working. Do I keep charging the phone with the cards in it? I try to avoid that but sometimes I just forget.

So going back to the distance this is the phone configuration

iPhone X
Lifeproof case
Pop up phone stand

Something like this plus the case. It will charge in the folded position but you will need to look for the right position.

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You also may want to check the Karapax line up. Not magnetic but they look awsome https://www.anker.com/karapax

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@Tank Thanks I like that option! I don’t think I would use the charging pad hung on a wall since I live in earthquake country! But everything else sounds like it is a great solution to my needs!

I’ve got the Xs max and I used to use the magnetic mounts. They’re so good. But I had to switch over to a wireless car charger too to make life simpler :).

I haven’t got an Anker one as they weren’t available at the time but stick one of these on your wish list Powerwave Car Charger


Thanks @Oggyboy ! Done and done! I want one but at the price that it was two days ago… It was only about $30.00 or so. I’m waiting on it!

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Oh definitely!! Always wait for the bargains :slight_smile:

I had mine for free from another brand to test :ok_hand:

The first time I tried wireless charging was with Palm Pre Plus in 2010 and I loved it. No case was needed and wireless charging was inbuilt and it just worked without having 2nd thoughts.
Later I tried it again with iphone 4s with duracell case on and it was not enjoyable.

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