Wireless charging capabilities?

I know iPhones and some others don’t offer wireless charging, but have heard about cases which charge wirelessly and directly charge you phone through lightening port for IPhones lets say. I think Anker would be able to make a pretty cool looking and functioning design, any ideas??

Don’t know the details really about wireless charging, but I reckon a pad design (such as a mouse pad) to wirelessly charge your phone would be pretty cool. Be good to hear if others agree, have similar ideas or are against it.


Wireless charging can be wonderful.

If your phone has wireless charging built-in then it has inside the phone what we call the “receiver”. If it does not then you add one externally which is a small plate you put plug into the port under your phone then hold it against your phone inside a case. So a case is a good idea, a thin one.

Then if your phase a receiver inside, or held to it inside a case, then you need a transmitter.

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I know there are some things like this out there, but Anker is such an amazing company that they can probably come up with a nicer way of presenting it. I have been looking forward to wireless charging on the iPhone, and I think that Anker can make an amazing product for this!

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Cases with wireless built in would work best as receiver flush with outside.