Wireless charger

Will the wireless charger capacity limitations be updated and put on par with the wired counterparts anytime soon?
I don’t really know anything about this, but I would think wireless charging will never be a fast as wired charging…

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That pretty much is the general consensus so far…no doubt it will get faster going forward but with always be a trickle and top up form of charging compared to wired IMO…


Samsung and Qualcomm are pushing the limits with trying to up the wattage to 27w output. We shall see how that fares and if it truly is fast when it comes out


Wireless charging g has been around for years… well Oral-B toothbrushes have been doing it for years.

To go from that to what we have now, is quite good. Considering it was all day to charge the equivalent of a 1.5 AA BATTERY, to charging your 3.7 battery in 3 hrs or less is pretty good.

As you know the main problem is heat, and heating coils to charge your device, to disperse the heat and not over heat your device.

Once that’s sorted, then they will get faster.

Wireless charging is already quite fast, you can certainly get by for days to weeks just on that. The trend to waterproof phones and no headphone jack means wireless charging has an advantage on reliability.

The consumer (us) is the main problem, the trend to not think about power until battery near flat, means we drive up need for fast recharge and wires will always be faster.

Anker’s smaller wired chargers are so cheap, small, reliable, $20 gets you a solution for 2 days of recharge, makes me have no great angst to place wireless charging high on my decision tree but I still want it to get universal, imagine every surface was wirelessly recharging.


Wired will probably always be faster, but some wireless chargers are as fast as wired chargers. Just look ate the wattage output .

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Wireless is convenient but not fast. I have 3 wireless chargers in my house(usually use at bedtime) and one in my car. But if need to get power to the phone fast there is no way wireless will beat a wired connection. Something really cool about Qi standard is that it will charge about 1.6in from the Phone. I tested with my wife phone since she has a lifeproof FRE with a Popsocket(collapse). I do not have pictures but i will provide some. Also I sometimes use a UA case with card space that I forgot to remove the cards last night so i will be updating soon if Qi kills your credit cards.