Wireless AnkerPack

Anybody else thought about this or is it just me. How about a battery pack with wireless charging at the top of it near the indication lights. Less wires and less stress free? Still have one usb port on it. But I mean it would be more convient to have that? What are you thoughts?


make it magnetic and it would be awesome

Can you explain? Wouldnt it attract unwanted things?

well when in a backpack the phone would slip off, the magnet similar to the apple watch, would keep the phone in place

This sounds pretty nice

Nice idea! I would also like a power bank that can be recharged wirelessly (i.e. sit the power bank on a Qi pad to recharge it).

Yep would be handy to charge my Apple Watch too…

they have magnetic car mounts that charge just not anker branded
so just mount it to a battery pack and you’re good lol


they use a metal ring instead of a plate so it doesn’t block charging chip on phone.

actually for car use, most of the wireless qi chargers reviews point to that they only maintain battery while driving and playing music or using gps nav from phone. not enough juice through wireless charger to charge and run apps

Do you mean to be able to recharge the PowerCore wirelessly or actually charge a device wirelessly?

Both methods would be sacrificing recharge speed (either in or out) for the sake off a few wires, of which you can get shorter variations of micro and lighting to make it more tidy. Or maybe it’s just me :thinking:

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Wireless is 60% efficient vs wired 94% efficient.

When using wall charger you gain convenience but for portable power you lose far more just adding a cable.

I think we can get wireless charging into more products and places but portable power shouts cables.

I meant that you could place your phone on top of the battery pack and charge it. However it would be an idea to make the other side wireless as well so you could charge the power pack wireless. On another note I didnt expect my post to get so many comment. Thanks guys.

Such products non Anker already exist. Expensive, heavy, large, and not much capacity. I see 4Ah to 10Ah where for same cost I see wired chargers about double the Ah.


Hey when will we all get truly wireless chargers that are convenient pocket sized and charge quickly. Most new phones these days can use wireless charging and wifi and bluetooth. Perhaps Anker should make a wireless charging battery with bluetooth speaker built in so you can charge and play music or video in quality.