Wired Indoor cam and Wired Indoor Pan/tilt cam - view more than 1 stream at a time

Is there a way to view more than 1 stream at a time on the new wired (wifi directly connected) indoor cam and pan/tilt cam models? I find it very limiting that you can only stream one camera at a time within the Eufy app. This would have been okay 5-10 years ago but today many expect this feature to work especially if you want a single household buying a lot of these cameras. I understand that the battery operated cams with the homebase station(s) had the 1 stream at a time limitation but these newer wired cameras are A/C powered and connect directly to wifi without a base station so why is Eufy limiting them to only one stream at a time?

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Agreed, should be able to view multiple cams at same time, the wyze cams are are able to do this, why not this?

Yeah, I have some Wyze cams myself and that is why I am a bit surprised Eufy/Anker is not supporting this feature. It is sort of an industry norm now when you look at what the big guys such as RING and Nest are doing. These Eufy indoor cams are very good competitors to Wyze and the big guys; offering better or different things/features. Just need to have this feature!!!