Winter Gifts for You and a Friend | Giveaway

Summer is all about being outdoors and enjoying the hot, sunny weather—whether you’re at the beach, park, or even in your own backyard. But winter is another story. I swear I spend most of my time trying to find cozy places for my friends and me to escape the biting wind and freezing temperatures.

But then I realized…

The best way to avoid the cold is to stay wrapped up at home and hang out on the community with all of you!

We want your friends to experience the community as well this winter, so we’re giving away Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speakers to 3 users who get a friend to join the community!

Share this link with your friend and once they’ve signed up tag their User ID in a comment at the bottom of this post to enter the giveaway. We will randomly choose 3 winners to receive a pair of Anker SoundCore Bluetooth speakers to share with their friend.

Feel free to include a story about your friendship—although this is just for fun and won’t impact your chance of winning a prize.

Good luck everyone!


  1. Invite a friend to sign up to the community and tag their User ID in the comments section of this post to automatically enter the giveaway.
  2. The 3 winners will be randomly selected.
  3. Only new user accounts are eligible.
  4. Open to users from US, UK, Canada, and Germany.
  5. Event ends December 2nd, 2018. The winner will be announced on December 4th, 2018.
  6. Anker reserves the right of the final explanation.

Winner Announcement | Winter Gifts for You and a Friend | Giveaway

Hi Anker Fans,

We’d like to thank everyone who invited their friends to join the Anker Community. We’re always excited to welcome new faces and we hope you enjoy interacting with everyone on the community.

The 3 lucky winners and their friends are:
@Shannon_Diane_Flahe1 & @lol.surprise.sdf.201
@Monk3e & @ephyillaier
@Chris_Renshaw & @TheRoyalShe

Make sure to take part in our Christmas Countdown events for more chances to win prizes this December!


How do I invite a friend?


@JooJooFace Ask a friend to sign up using the following link and once your friend has signed up / in to the community tag their username in a comment below using the @ symbol and then their username. @AnkerOfficial will then be able to check if it is a new account during the winners selection…


Thank you!

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@Andria.neal221 :blush:


Thanks for helping clarify. I’ve updated the post with the link of sign up. :thumbsup:


Hello everyone @elmo41683 referred me, thanks for a chance to win


Hey @maya11780 thank you for signing up. Hope you stick around, I know you always hear me brag about the awesome things I have from Anker so now’s your chance to try and win some stuff too.


As I’ve been very lucky rec ntly with the birthday win, I’ll leave others to enter.

Good luck all.

I do have a fantastic friend that’s been there for over 20 years… Dave. In tribute to South Park, my nephew’s call him, Big Gay Dave! lol

My friend is the only other person (my fiancée obvs is the first choice!) I can honestly say, I love. Without whom, my sanity would be worse than it is! Our, no.comments please, hahahaha

We’ve been through a lot together, and I can truly say, I wouldn’t be here without him. His sage like wisdom has hrlp d n stoppede many s time, but that’s Vicky Verky! In the begining, I’d have to threaten to call his mum, if he got too distant. He is a severe manic depressive, and at least once he’s tried to kill himself. Once was very close, and only a random.person walking their dog, saved him. It was to do with coming g out to hisiddle class family. It scared Him so much, he thought that was the only answer. As it turned out, they knew, and had done so for a very long.time. They never spoke of it, cos he didn’t!

People, please don’t hide who you ARE, for fear of someone else. BE YOURSELF, and those that matter will be there… Not saying there won’t be upset n hurt, but do it, be YOU. This is why the comment the other day was so hurtful. It’s also so for LGBT, and won’t see anyone put down, or treated differently, over it.

Anyways, enough waffle, enjoy your winnings… If ya.lucky :laughing:


Great giveaways :heart_eyes:
Good luck to everybody!! :four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover::four_leaf_clover:


So many giveaways. Good luck guys. :slight_smile:

I will pass this one as I just won the Anker 2nd birthday community event. Hopefully someone who needs speakers wins this event.



Very cool giveaway.

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What if my brother referred me last week? Can we still count in the giveaway or are we too late?


@Angelica.jaimes Thanks for joining. Let’s hope we can get hooked up with some good speakers. Been wanting one for a while.


I referred @Mfmercado62
Hey my good friend. Good luck to us eh. Hoping to buy some of these products soon. I have my eye on one of the PowerCore Slims.


Good luck :grin:

I’m sorry only the new users who sign up after this even starts count. You could try to bring in another friend. :wink:

Why not invite them to here? There will be more and more benefits in the community. :wink: