Winners of the latest power draw?

The winner’s list is empty in the completed drawings tab thing

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yea not sure whats happened either…

Doesn’t appear to be an automated upload of winners so it’s a case waiting for @AnkerOfficial , that plus it is the weekend which even Anker will have off :smile:

Does random selected equal

It says “Winner Announced: August 12, 2017”

IT is August 12th.

So if there is a manual upload of randomly selected winners and Anker doesn’t work weekend then it needs to say August 14th.

I give up trying to post the winners… so many errors.

But congrats to you @nigelhealy

don’t make your life more difficult than it has to be brother lol

Congratulations to to winners. Was anybody else convinced that they won? :unamused::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue:

look like the list is updated now…congrats to all the winner now bring on the next round but seriously I’m running low on points lol :joy:

Congrats to the winners.

3rd week - I win something.

The chances are improving, and so is my experience in this. It is probably best to wait til late on a Friday and see how many entries and then make a judgement call.

This not like an Auction where the worst thing which can happen is you won but you burned points, it is like a lottery, you can spend $$ on lots of tickets to gain nil. So best to wait and see and then decide.

For example

So this is 500 bucks for a 13% chance.

OR the Powerdrive Elite is 100 bucks for 37% chance.

Based on the 500 bucks for 13% chance, v 100 bucks for 37% chance, I did not bid on the speaker, but i did on the Powerdrive, and i won.

As 500 bucks is going to get rarer as to accumulate that takes a member weeks, I expect the odds will improve. Sitting on >4000 bucks.

Finally, there is little I want from Anker, the few items I’d like are all the expensive ones, like if money was no object i’d like 2 car jump starters, I’d take a Nebula for the hot evenings we will still get in the next month, a Powerhouse for home power outages or to loan out, and probably still a few more LC40, then my Powercore 10000 is aging but I’d like its successor (waiting)…

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You said before that you had plenty of bucks, but really if you use say 500 a week (in this case the max was 800), you will run out in less than 20 weeks, even if you get the maximum of about 500 a week.

LC40 is $10 with code 4XSZGPYS

The Powerhouse successor?

The Nebula successor?

The USB-PD 30W 10Ah?

The USB-PD 60W 100Wh?

There’s things which don’t exist yet I’d like a chance to win.

If I win too much now I’d just get more of we already have.

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Congrats to the winners!

I saw you won last week.

lowest cost it has been is $8.

Yeah, I was very excited when I found out, and can’t wait till it gets here. Also, congrats on winning this week @nigelhealy