Windows Fall Update broke SoundCore 2? Firmware fail too


My SoundCore 2 has worked perfectly until recently. Right after the Windows Fall Update –

  1. The speaker would lose it’s Bluetooth connection after a few seconds

(the fix was unpairing, removing the pairing, re-pairing)

but this resulted in a second issue –

  1. The laptop volume keys can raise the volume once but volume DOWN won’t work and then the volume buttons on the keyboard will no longer work period.

I tried –

  1. Windows BT troubleshooter. It found issues, ‘fixed’ them, but nope… it don’t work
  2. Contacting Asus Support. They had me try a new BT driver. nooooope
  3. Downloaded Anker Firmware fix. Got ERROR WRITING INITBPS

– big sadface right not –


The problem as it has been mentioned across multiple forums is Microsoft updates causing bluetooth driver issues and issues with Microsoft period.

The fix is generally updating the bluetooth driver…not the one Microsoft or Asus provides, but the one direct from your bluetooth cards manufacturer as it generally is the most current and up to date that can fix issues the others cant.

Thanks Elmo.

I had heard this but somehow didn’t connect it to MY bluetooth device. Asus sent me a link but I sense it was THEIR driver.

(I tried to upload a pic here but this board wouldn’t let me. Here’s the link –

Windows has offered some updates but my speaker is still not working properly. Does anyone know if this issue has been officially fixed by Anker OR Microsoft?

Dear @jhartfriends

We are so sorry to hear the issue with your SoundCore 2 speaker and regret that the issue persists after trying all possible troubleshooting. In this case, please contact us at ""for further assistance.