Windows App for Eufy Security (2)

Continuing my question from 2019… Where is the promised Eufy Security App for Windows 10!?

The BlueStacks option was a nice temporary solution but it no longer works, per:

Thank you for reaching out to our support team here at BlueStacks!

We have gone through your problem report and in regards to the EufySecurity App white screen issue, We would like to let you know that we tested this app and found that it is currently not working on BlueStacks. The future release of this app may support the emulators. Let’s hope they would bring an update very soon.

Thank you,

BlueStacks support.
Just give us REAL Eufy Security App for Windows!! One that communicates with the HomeBase directly without having to have cloud account.


We don’t know about this, we are not the EUFY-support, we are a user forum.
You should write directly to the support.
Otherwise you may publish here :

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yeah ive never understood THE STUPIDITY of some orgs… I went out and purchased a EUFY system and the product is great BUT THEY DO SOMETHING AS STUPID AS NOT DEVELOPING A WINDOWS CLIENT. Now tbh I dont care how long the battery lasts, its useless to me so Im in process of getting a RING system or going back to my old ARLOs