WIN The Ultimate Gaming Power-Up Pack Here!

Zombies eat people like gaming eats your battery, and while we can’t help you win the zombie war, we can help keep you gaming for longer. That’s why we’ve partnered up with the best mobile zombie game, State of Survival, to bring you the Ultimate Power-Up Pack, designed to keep you battling the living dead for as long as you want.

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The Ultimate Power-Up Pack includes …

PowerHouse II 800

  • The best companion for emergency power.

  • Massive Cell Capacity: Packing a whopping 777 watt-hours, this powerful charging station serves as a reliable emergency backup or handy travel companion.

  • Power it All: With 2 AC outlets, 2 USB-C ports, 4 USB-A ports, one vehicle-class outlet, and 2 DC outlets; PowerHouse II 800 is compatible with virtually all essential devices.

  • Fast and Furious: With output topping 770W, every small appliance runs optimally and every device charges as fast as possible; with zero interference at full load. Get a MacBook Air to 50% charge in around 40 minutes.

  • Back on the Road: PowerHouse itself recharges in as little as 4.9 hours with the combined DC and USB-C inputs allowing for 240W power flow.

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PowerCore III 10k Wireless

  • Portable Wireless Charging: Qi-certified to provide up to 10W of wireless charging power to phones, earbuds, or other devices on the go.

  • High-Speed USB Charging: Connect to either the USB-C or USB-A port to give your phone or tablet a powerful charge up to 18W.

  • Desktop Mode: Use PowerCore as a wireless pad by connecting to a power supply via the USB-C port. Charge your device wirelessly while giving PowerCore’s internal battery a full recharge.

Anker Nano

  • Designed for iPhone: Anker Nano is designed to provide the maximum charge to iPhone 12.

  • Unrivaled Speed: Charge iPhone 12 and previous iPhone models up to 3× faster than with an original 5W Charger.

  • Space-Saving Design: At 50% smaller than a standard iPhone 12 USB-C charger, Anker Nano provides plenty of power while saving space in your bag or while plugged into a wall outlet.

PowerLine III Flow

  • Soft to the Touch: You’ve never felt a cable like this before. The silicone finish feels remarkably soft between your fingers as you plug PowerLine III Flow into your device.

  • Super Strength: Our softest cable ever is also one of our strongest. PowerLine III Flow has a 25,000-bend lifespan, more than enough to handle the stresses and strain of charging on the go.

  • Bend It, Twist It, Flex It: Remains tangle-free even when stuffed into a bag or pocket, or wrapped around a portable charger.

  • Certified Safe:MFi certified to work flawlessly with all of your Lightning devices, including iPhone 12 and iPad. Safely charge your device at its highest possible speed when connected to a Power Delivery high-speed charger.

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Expires: August 10th


Nice event…good luck to everyone


Nice, great share!


Awesome giveaway, good luck guys!


You know me and my friend at work talks about a zombie overtaking us at work but did not talk about power up for the event.


Entered, sounds fun.

This forum has gotten very quiet of late. Probably something to do with summer and school restarting…


So many things I want lol!! Thanks @AnkerOfficial for this :slight_smile:

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I see about 1 in 4,500 by time entries close… good luck to all, and watch out… brainzzzzz…


If there is free stuff All are coming! :rofl:


Better odds on this, than previous offerings… but I’d surmise there maybe an influx this weekend… if you hear Samuel l Jackson’s voice… could be start of March of the penguins…


Nice giveaway!

Trying to find a UK Discount on the Power House!!???
Anyone know of any?!?? I need to buy ASAP!!! Dont want to buy a different cheaper brand hahah

A wafer thin chance?

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Sell your data for a 1 in 20000 shot at 3 batteries, another wall wart, and a cord you may very likely be unable to use.

But they’re BIG batteries


Thanks for the great event again. Good luck everyone!

I see the 5 winners. I am guessing nobody from the community got lucky … :frowning: .