Win an iPhone X on facebook (US & UK)

Anker just posted a competition on their Facebook page to win an iPhone X

[UK Link] (
[US Link] (


I played even if I’m not in UK or US. I got 20% off karapax products.

Think the odds of winning this are probably worse than this weeks PowerDraw :laughing: Thanks for posting!


I also got the 20% karapax products. I checked them out and got a two pack of iPhone 7plus screen protectors for just over $6 with free shipping. Not bad since I need these anyway.

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I would love to use my 20% on an iPhone 7 Plus Karapax Breeze Case but they are not in the UK yet. I won’t bang on about it. Honestly :joy:

One of the ‘rules’ did give me chuckle, can’t believe they had to state it;


Hahah I bet there are a few out there though that would believe things like this though.

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Haha better safe than sorry. Some people try to obtain things by looking for bias in the legal conditions.

I just saw this and plan to try it tonight when I get home from work. Looks like a great offer.

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Just a discount code, would have been nice to win a new phone since my motorola is messed up since the os updated

Got to share your link under the 4 cards and get your friends to have a go :slight_smile:

Also got 20% off but waiting for the Karapax Breeze to be sold here in the UK.

Edit: not the Breeze case. The case that resembles an official Apple with the microfibre cloth on the inside :sweat_smile:

Edit 2: @AnkerOfficial it’s the Silk case I want! Release it in the UK! :joy:

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I am waiting for the iPhone 7 Plus Breeze to hit the UK too. Thought it would of been here now. The iPhone 8 etc was out in September. Should of been here by now :smirk:

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