Win 11 (Are you all ready?)

I am glad I will never need it.
But I am sure that it will take more resources and I am sure there are some
computers which were working properly with WIn10 and will not do it with Win11!

That’s MS business! :rage:

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Meh it’s whatever to me, I’ll use it because I have to and what not. I’ll also continue using my cracked windows 7 system I currently have, MS cam screw off if they think I will pay for another Operating System.

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I got an old laptop from my neighbor.
I suppose > 15 years old (512 MB) slow processor of course.
I got the “task” to kill the XP.
Easy to do.
Then I played around with LINUX.
I must confess it was not easy to find a fitting LINUX.
Finally I found an old version of XUBUNTU (non PAE)
But really too slow for use.
So I didnt install and gave it back.
That was the end of very old hardware! :smile:

I’m never in a rush to update to the latest cause usually there as so many bugs in the first initial release that get over looked by everyone hyping it up. For now I’ll stick with Windows 10. Sadly a lot of the software my school chooses to use is only available on Windows since it’s popular in the work force I just don’t like all the bloat on Windows most of the time

Like with Windows 10 / MacOS / iOS and Android, will go with the flow and tweak as I need to fit into the daily grind….also know as IT support work :rofl:

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Will have to eventually deal with it at work one day as most are not that tech minded in the Business Analysis side as they came from the field work that is not tech minded.

Most have issues recognizing pop up blockers from comparability to autocomplete on one of our web programs and that is the easy stuff (it irks me when I read tickets where our help desk has them to delete their web cache when it is real easy based on what they stated) (sorry for the little rant.)

With that said, I will not upgrade until my wife is ready. I did it with windows 10 and I still hear it about her losing minefield and wish I did not upgrade.


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@Duane_Lester You know she can download minesweeper for free from the Microsoft store as its still available and works with windows 10

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I do know that and we have downloaded that one and a few others ones as well but she says it is not the same. :rofl:

So I still hear it ever so often.

You know that I am thinking about it, I wonder if somewhere they have that old pinball game. (I know there are better ones)

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Back to the roots!!! :laughing:


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