Win 1 of 30 Login

Perhaps the goal of this giveaway is to log in & to be able to sign up

Error given: “Bad signature for payload SSO:”

try again guys?


Yep, Anker’s Facebook post is blowing up.

Have a number of Anker products and love them all. Great workmanship and very reasonable priced.

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Same problem…

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meee meee meee… I love the Anker products !!!

that is great product !!!

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Getting the bad signature payload error, too! Bummer!

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And, besides the bad signature error, there is no ability to reply to the advertising mail to point out the error!

One can only hope that someone from Anker sees these posts.

Anker, please make your web site as great as your products. And tell us how to participate in your emailed offer.

– Long-time Anker product purchaser and user.

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Same issue

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Me too - you think they would have this thing covered???

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Tons of Anker product because they are amazing!

I want!!!

it wasnt meant for us, it’s meant for " to 30 lucky new fans"

Also getting the error “bad signature payload”.

I want one Please Anker

same error message here.

Getting the bad signature payload error, too! Bummer!

Yup- same here: “Bad signature for payload SSO”.

Hi all ,we already fixed this problem, please log in again to test the page. We are so sorry to bring any inconvenience to you!!:cry:

Love Anker products…all of the ones I have are amazing!

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me me me love anker great products

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