Willy the old robot

This is not a review,
I would better say,
after using my RoboVac 11S for about 1 3/4 year now,
I tell you something about it.

I was looking at my old email folders and found the email where I got the Robovac 11S
donated for testing via Power User Program
(Those were the good old days here :slight_smile: ).

I called him Willy and some of you may know him well.
He got a girlfriend recently in UK (Mary) and a comrade in the USA (Astroboy).
These two are really youngsters, so Willy is like me, his master, an “old boy”.

He is doing his work in our house since that time I mentioned above.
Very, very busy and loyal this robot.

There was never any problem with Willy after I did some altering here in the house
to make him cleaning easier
(cables, carpet fringes etc.)

So I checked the battery today :
Indeed 134!!! minutes when cleaning at normal suction.
(I haven’t checked the charging time, as it doesn’t matter for me)

But I added some photos of Willy, to show you his condition.

I had to glue one of the “slats” of the middle brush (hope this is correct expression),
but you all know, what I mean.

This worked perfectly, so there was no need to change that brush, though it can be bought as replacement.

The side brushes are really in perfect condition too after the long period I use the old boy Willy.

I clean the paper filter always with a brush.
This is really the original first one.

I changed the foam layer on top of that paper filter.
It was easy to replace, there is no need for a special one.
Any similar foam will do.

Hope Willy will be working this year without any problems,
but I do care for him, so there is no doubt at all.

He will, because he is Willy!



THANK YOU EUFY for such a good and free :slight_smile: product!


Really impressive how long this little robot can live and still do a perfect job. I’m counting on mine too. I do take care of it. So hoping it will go a long way.

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Wasn’t yours “duchesse”? :rofl:

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Great words Franz.
Mary says happy new year to Willy.


Willy is blushing!
I don’t know if its love of he needs charging! :joy:

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Haha. I hope for long service from Mary as you’ve had from Willy.
How regularly does he clean?

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Quite daily Paul,
We have really a huge house here.
I have to carry him around.

But no pets, so hairs are not a such a problem here.
I think those are one of the biggest problems of those RoboVacs.
Spinning around the axes and blocking them.
This will ruin those nylon gears etc,.

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That’s good, we use ours daily on auto when we have all left the house.
I empty the box daily and clean the filters once each week.

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Didn’t someone get one named duchess?


@Ice1 is named Duchess.
I believe it was recommended by you @TechMan the name of your cat maybe? :rofl:

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Yeah, I recommended the name :sunglasses:

The name of the cat from the aristocats (cartoon).


@Tank has a cat named duchess after the cartoon cat.


Ah yes, a good choice :+1:t2:
I hope you’ve had a great weekend.

Wait wait wait. Hold up. That’s not your profile picture :joy:.

@ndalby identify theft alert lol



Neil enlisted some other members for a “powerful crew”


Lots of fun going on here it seems :rofl:
It all started here;


It was getting far to confusing, I’ve gone back to green bubbles.


Glad those last pretty long time. How often do you have to empty them, @Chiquinho. Hey @paulstevenewing , can you some more clothes on Dutchess. You are making my Dyson upright vacuum jealous. :wink: :smile:


Go, Willy, go! Here’s to many more years of service! :clinking_glasses:


Willy has become a dear family member :heart:


Yes, the Duchesse is keeping the house very clean. Wife is so happy to have her :smiley:
I empty the dust collection box every 2 or 3 days and clean the filters and brushes.

:point_up_2: all correct, and it was @Tank 's cat.