Will the anker keyboard case fit the new iPad air 2?

Anker Bluetooth Folio Keyboard Case for iPad Air 2 - Smart Case with Auto Sleep / Wake, Comfortable Keys and 6-Month Battery Life (Not Compatible with iPad Air / iPad Pro 9.7 / New iPad 9.7" (2017))

Will this product fit the new iPad air 2, which only came out a few weeks ago (and is a little fatter than the old air 2). Thanks

Hi @Marianne_Cornell , is this the folio case you are referring to?


If so, this case is currently not suitable for the new iPad 9.7 (or updated iPad Air as some refer to it as) the the size specs are different. The new one is thicker as you have mentioned and the size on this is for the slimmer Air 2 model which has been discontinued.

Thanks, any idea is there is a keyboard/case out there that will fit it?

Not aware of a folio case with built in keyboard but there are a number of folio cases for protection on Amazon.

I would guess once the new iPad has a foot hold in sales that companies like Anker and Logitech etc will update their iPad Air 2 designs to accommodate the new model…

It is just called iPad, not iPad air 2. iPad air 2 was discontinued.