Will the Anker chargers I bought in the US work in France?

I’m a proud owner of many Anker products, but as I’m preparing for my trip to France, I can’t help but notice that the PowerPort I plan to bring to France is only rated 110-220, and France’s voltage is 230v.

If I use that PowerPort in France with only a plug adapter, will it fry my PowerPort and my phone?

Should do with an adapter. Shame Anker doesn’t give you a choice when buying it.

Euro electricity operates 220-240v

If buying a straight plug adapter, there may be no voltage regulator, but some (more expensive models) do transform electricity voltage too (even back to 110v).

Very unlikely to fry. If the words say 110-220 then that means multivoltage so will work in every country including France. Just need a dumb simple physical plug adapter.

Mind you, something working in France might upset the unions!

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with a plug adapter you should be fine like the others have said

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I can confirm and attest to the powerport working in france. I gifted one to one of my best friends at the end of last year who moved to France and she’s currently using it there with an adapter. Word of advice is to get an oversized adapter if you can afford the space, according to her it makes it more stable. Not sure if that just means how it’s plugged in or voltage wise but she said it does work


The most stable method is to not use the wall charger type but the desktop charger type, because the wall charger is protruding a further distance from the wall and risks falling out, while the desktop charger it is just the weight of a length of cable, or you can replace the cable it is generic C7 non-polarized so e.g. this cable would work in Europe.

Personally I use the desktop charger method, with a cheap simple plug adapter, as when traveling I often have many USB port needs anyway.


Plugs are different, CE standard.
Regarding voltage, it should work.

If you buy an adapter US -> CE you may use your equipment in whole Europe.

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continental Europe. France, Germany, etc. Not Europe including UK, Ireland is a different plug. I commonly cross between the US, Europe, UK plugs so carry a USA powercore and a Europe adaptor and UK adaptor and it works in all that corner of the world.

Those who do not travel much may think Europe includes UK and Ireland, these are part currently of the European Union but those organizations existed after the electrical system had evolved, UK made their own, Ireland copied it, and France and Germany went their own way.

So to work in France then a simple cheap plug adapter like this:

For UK / Ireland then

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May be the reason UK left the CE was this difference of plugs.:slight_smile: