Will the A8346 Hub output video to USB C port

Will the A8346 Hub output video to the USB-C port? I need to connect a monitor that does not have HDMI connection. I have a USB-C to VGA adapter, but only one USB-C port on my laptop (Lenovo)…so I need to choose between charging the laptop or using the monitor as a 2nd screen.

I was hoping to use the A8346 and achieve both; when I connect it to the laptop, it charges properly through the PD port, however, I’m unable to get video from the other USB-C port.


The usb-c port on this hub cannot display video output as it is only capable of charging devices or sending/receiving data. If you want to use the hub you will need a hdmi to vga cable or adapter, just know if you use a vga to hdmi adapter your image quality might degrade some as its converting across multiple adapters first to USB c and then to hdmi and now hdmi to vga.