Will the 2 Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Editions be Compatible with the Upcoming Switch Versions?

According to the following linked article, yesterday Nintendo officially announced that a “new revision of the standard Switch SKU” will be releasing soon with an increased battery life: [http://www.nintendolife.com/news/2019/07/new_standard_nintendo_switch_revision_offers_significantly_improved_battery_life]

It’s important to note that the battery will remain the same as the one found in the standard Switch & guesses that this increased battery life is due to the inclusion of the “updated Mariko version of the Tegra X1 chip”.

Question: Will the two Anker PowerCore Nintendo Switch Edition portable chargers be compatible with this upgraded version of the standard Nintendo Switch?

The expectation is any charger that works with the Switch today will work with the upgraded Switch and Switch Lite. That said we won’t have confirmation until either Nintendo or Anker says something officially or testers get a hold of the new Nintendo hardware.

The Switch uses USD PD for power, which is an open standard. Other Anker USB-C PD power banks and chargers works equally well with the Switch. As do lots of other chargers with similar specs.

The chip change on the Switch could mean lower power draw. As the new hardware is more efficient. That’s where the 40-80% increase in battery life is coming from. Given the Anker-Nintendo Switch power banks meet the old hardware’s max power draw the new hardware should be good with them.

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