Will EufyCam support Alexa?

Hi there! I just got my EufyCam hooked up and I’m wondering if there are plans for Alexa support. I searched around but I couldn’t find a definitive answer other than casual mentions in articles.


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According to: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1116368506/evercam-the-wirefree-security-cam-with-365-day-bat/faqs

Does the system support Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and Apple Homekit?

Yes. Amazon Alexa and Google Home support will be available at the time of shipping.

Apple HomeKit support is being planned for future development and we will keep you updated.

IFTTT support is confirmed but will be available with a software update after shipping.

Last updated: Fri, April 27 2018 5:55 AM EDT

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At the time of shipping? I mean I have a EufyCam and I don’t see an Alexa skill for EufyCam :smiley:

Anyone know if its just the general Eufy skill? (I’ll check and report back)


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I would contact support and ask them. Maybe even use their chat feature in the app. If its already available then they will direct you to the right place. If not they may give you an ETA if they have one.

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We will support Alexa before the start of 2019!

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That’s good news.

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Will the video, being viewed on an Alexa device, come locally from the homebase to the Alexa, or will it be streaming out to the internet and back to my Alexa?

My home Internet is a little slow and I want to know if I’ll be consuming Internet bandwidth for this capability.

I would assume the video will be available on you local network hub to phone or fire TV ect.

@AnkerTechnical will be able to better answer your question.

@AnkerSupport and @AnkerTechnical I got the new release of the software that shows that the Alexa Skill under Smart Integrations should now be available, and yet on the Amazon side I’m not seeing the skill yet. Any update as to when this functionality should be live?

We are still shooting for this month. Keep an eye out!

It will be streaming to the internet, and then back through Alexa for security purposes.

So the Eufy Security skill is now available in Alexa, but I’m really disappointed in the results. I can only get it to display a feed from my cameras for a split second, then it stops and displays “buffering” before eventually timing out. Then I found both of my cameras dead the following day – apparently it continues accessing the cameras in the background and quickly drains the batteries. Hopefully these issues can be worked out, because the promised Alexa integration was honestly one of the biggest selling points for me on these cameras.

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Send an email to our support, this is definitely not normal. Support@eufylife.com

I can’t see the Eufy Security skill in French Alexa App??? Any reason?

Could it be related to that ?

For now, it’s only US and EN

I have the same buffering issue.

I see. Email support as well ( :

The Alexa skill doesn’t seem to be available in alexa.amazon.co.uk, I presume it is only available in alexa.amazon.com and as such only available to US users?

Correct. It is only avaliable to US users at this time.

Thanks! No wonder why can’t I find it in Canada :slight_smile: